JMIS Introduction

JMIS has been ranked No. 1 in INDIA for ‘Innovative Teaching’, Academic Reputation’, by Education Today and has been ranked among TOP 3 Schools of West Delhi by Times of India School Survey. JMIS has got accreditation for outstanding development of international dimension in the curriculum and has been awarded International School Awards for consecutively for academic years 2011-2014, 2015-2018 & 2018-2021 by BRITISH COUNCIL and the recipient of several other National and International Awards & honors.
JM International School, Dwarka, has emerged as one of the Best Schools in West Delhi region.

The school is Centrally Air-Conditioned, Co-Educational & English Medium School. It has a different approach towards the teaching learning process. Here the learning is based on the view- “A New Education for a New Consciousness”- due to which it has been regarded as one of the Best Schools in Dwarka.
We, at JMIS firmly believe that what is important in educating young children is to foster the spirit of inquiry and spontaneity and that makes learning a joyous discovery. This approach is one of the key reasons that the school has edged itself amongst the Top Ranking Schools of West Delhi.
Being amongst the Best Schools in Delhi and West Delhi, JMIS, embodies the philosophy that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. To nurture students into well-balanced individuals the sports curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the school’s curriculum design. The school provides a host of physical activities that range from martial arts and fitness to skill building and recreational sports.
The school ranks high among the Schools in Dwarka with a focus that- we all need to understand that each child is a pure soul, an expression of divine. The kindling of spirit of inquiry and sense of discovery can inspire the child to explore just what he needs in order to become what he/she wishes to.
JMIS is one of the Top Schools of Delhi with state of the art infrastructure & facilities. The entire campus is Wi-Fi and CCTV enabled which makes it the school with best safety arrangements for children. The school has Air-Conditioned Smart Classrooms with digital learning modules. It has plethora of World Class Learning Hubs like Discovery Lab, Cognitive Development Lab, Media Lab, Creative studios for Music, Orchestra, Dance, Art & Craft, Pottery, Theatre-in-education.
In a very short span JMIS has earned a noteworthy acclaim for its culture of overall excellence, innovations, ethics and child centered approach. JMIS has carved a niche for its transformational pedagogy and international practices.

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