Day To Day LIFE @ JMIS

  • Senior School (Grades I to XII) – 08:00 AM to 2:15 PM (Monday to Saturday)
  • Junior School (Grades Srijan, Ankur & Pallav) – 08:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Monday to Friday)
    (The same timings are followed across the year. If school authroities decides to change the timings for some duration due to any reason, it is intimated to the parents).


(April to October)

  • Red round neck T-Shirts
  • Blue Denim Shorts/Skirts
  • Blue Socks with 4 colour stripes (Red, Green, Pink, Yellow)
  • Black Shoes (Gola Velcro)

(April to October)

  • Yellow round neck T-Shirts
  • Blue Denim Shorts/Skirts
  • Blue Socks with 4 colour stripes (Red, Green, Pink, Yellow)
  • Black Shoes (Gola Velcro)

(April to October)

  • Green round neck T-Shirts
  • Blue Denim Shorts/Skirts
  • Blue Socks with 4 colour Stripes (Red, Green, Pink, Yellow)
  • Black Shoes (Gola Velcro)
(April to October)
  • Turquoise T-Shirt
  • Beige Shorts/ Skirts
  • White Shirt
  • White Shorts/ Skirts
  • Beige Socks with turquoise & purple stripes
  • White Socks with house colour stripes
  • Black cycling shorts
  • House colour T-Shirt
  • Belt
  • Black Gola Shoes (Velcro/Laces)
  • White Sports Shoes
(April to October)
  • Turquoise T-Shirt
  • Beige Shorts/ Skirts
  • White Shirt
  • White Shorts/ Skirts
  • Beige Socks with turquoise & purple stripes
  • White Socks with house colour stripes
  • House colour T-Shirt
  • Belt
  • Black Gola Shoes (Velcro/Laces)
  • White Sports Shoes


(April to October)

  • Purple T-Shirt
  • Beige Trouser/ Skirt
  • White Shirt
  • White Trouser/ Skirt
  • Beige Socks with turquoise & purple stripes
  • White Socks with house colour stripes
  • Black Lower
  • House colour T-Shirt
  • Belt    
  • Black Gola Shoes (Velcro/Laces)
  • White Sports Shoes

(November to March)

  • Green and Yellow collar T-Shirts
  • Blue Denim Trouser
  • Yellow Socks with green stripes
  • Black Shoes (Action)
  • Blue sleevless sweater
  • Blue, Yellow and Green Sweat Shirt
(November to March)
  • Blue, Red and Black round neck T-shirt
  • Beige Trouser
  • Beige Socks with blue stripes
  • Belt
  • Black Shoes (Action-Valcro/Laces)
  • White Sports Shoes
  • Blue sleevles sweater
  • Blue, Red and Black Sweat Shirt
(November to March)
  • Blue full sleeves shirt
  • Beige Pant
  • Beige Socks with turquoise & purple stripes
  • White Socks with house colour stripes
  • Belt
  • Black Gola Shoes (Velcro/Laces)
  • White Sports Shoes
  • Black upper& lower (for mosquito prone days)
  • H/F sweater
  • Blazer


JMIS provides safe and reliable air-conditioned bus transportation to students who wish to avail this facility. The school has elegant, air-conditioned fleet of buses with best of safety arrangements available for the neighbouring areas. The students in our buses are accompanied by well trained staff members to ensure their safety.

  • CREATIVE CLUB (CFF) – Readers, Writers, Debaters & Face to Faith Global Exchange Club
  • AROMA & AESTHETICS CLUB (A&A) – Meal Planning & Handicrafts Club
  • ANDROMEDA CLUB (S&A) – Science & Astronomy Club
  • FILM CLUB – Film appreciation and critique club
  • CONCERN CLUB (EWCH) – Eco, Wellness/Health, Compassionate Citizen & Heritage Club
  • KATHA CLUB – Story Club (reading, telling, dramatization, writing)
  • MEDIA CLUB – Media (Mass Communication, photography, videography, film-making) and IT club


The House system inculcates in the students the values of team spirit, commitment, loyalty, sharing and healthy competition. A student is urged to compete with them self, raising their own excellence bar. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for co-curricular activities, Sports tournaments & Discipline through Inter House competitions in sports, Debates, Quiz, Arts & Music and prizes/Trophies are awarded accordingly. At the end of the academic session, the house gaining the highest point is awarded the running trophy. The aim of the House system is to inculcate and develop the qualities of leadership, public speaking; organizational skills among the students through various inter house competitions and school functions.

All the Houses shall perform the following duties by rotation:

•    To conduct the Morning Assembly
•    To collect and prepare news of International, National, School and Sports events and also write a thought for the       day on the whiteboard meant for the purpose.
•    To deliver the “Thought” in the form of a short speech in the Assembly.
•    To check the late comers and mark in their diaries.
•    To help in maintaining order and discipline during the arrival, recess period and dispersal.
•    To participate enthusiastically in all Intra-House and Inter-House contests.

The liberty
of Democratic India
of Republic
of Secular India
The Felicity of Sovereign India


JMIS attaches great importance to inculcation of leadership skills in children and has devised many programmes for imparting leadership training, chief among them being our students’ Executive Body. From Class III onwards, pupils in each section elect two CRs (Class Representatives) and four House Prefects (once again guided by the policy of maximum participation rather than minority elitism), each in charge of six different areas such as discipline, cleanliness, etc. The final selection is through secret ballot, are like our Assembly Elections at the state level.

All elected leaders become the active members of student council. Children are helped to arrive at a definition of the role and responsibilities of leaders, traits that they must possess and how to grow into such a role.

Those elected from their classes then vote for the Head Boy and Head Girl. Those who are CRs of Class X & XI can stand for this position. Candidates for this position present their manifestoes at the school assembly. They are then allowed to campaign abiding strictly by the rules laid down by the school. Once elected she/he chooses her/his cabinet comprising of the following area-representatives:
•    Discipline
•    Sports
•    Science
•    Literary Affairs
•    Art & Culture
•    Programme Implementation
•    External Affairs
•    Current Affairs
•    School Facilities
•    Coordination of Class Representatives
•    Bulletin Boards

The Executive meets regularly for two hours after school on Saturdays. It helps the school community in a number of ways such as maintaining discipline and regularization of traffic, checking late comers and uniforms, organization of cultural activities and Activity Week. Young leaders learn to set goals, plan and work accordingly, foresee problems and take care of them, develop resourcefulness and courage to tackle unforeseen situations, acquire communication skills, understand people and learn to get along with them, learn to be sensitive to other’ opinions and respect them.

A mini Student-Executive is established in the Junior School. Leaders of Class V constitute this, and are headed by Junior Head Boy and Junior Head Girl from Class V.

The student leadership programme includes:

  • The Student-Council: The Student Council takes shape in the month of April, with students of grade V, X, XI & XII exhibiting leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, sensitivity, integrity among other traits in a greater measure than their peers becoming proud members of this student leadership body. The Student Council consists of the School head boy, head girl, vice head boy, vice head girl, cultural secretary, sports captain & Vice-captain, House Captains and Vice Captains of all four houses 
  • The Editorial Board, again with members drawn from grade V, X & XI works towards school magazine and the students’ newsletters.
  • Classroom Programmes that encourage the development of leadership skills:
  • Grades Ankur & Pallav have
  • Line Monitors and Rear Guards
  • House In charge of the day
  • Helpers of the day
  • Buddy System
  • In addition to the above, grades I & II have Young brigade comprising of Monitors of the Day, White board-in- charge, lunch monitor etc.
  • All Grades from III to XII have Class Representatives and House Prefects.


Open days are usually held on Saturdays, the exact date for these meetings is intimated to the parents through the calendar and circulars. It is necessary that the parents and educator meet regularly. The school organizes Open House Meetings regularly so that parents can discuss the progress of their ward. Parents should ensure that they attend all Open House Meetings.

Please share the joys and concerns of bringing up your ward openly with the educators with enthusiasm and constructive approach. 

A JMian 

  • Appreciates others.
  • BRAVES challenges.
  • COURTEOUS to all, respect elders, is friendly to equals and gentle with Juniors.
  • Acknowledges disciplinary rules, regulations, law and order.
  • Gives due respect to public property.
  • Is both HONOURABLE and HONEST.
  • INSISTES on fair play applauds a victorious opponent.
  • JUDGES a situation only after assessing all facts.
  • KIND in thought, word and deed.
  • LEARNS from his/her MISTAKES and moves forward.
  • NEVER puts off till tomorrow what she/he can do today.
  • OBSERVES his/her personal r6utine sincerely and responsibly. 
  • PUNCTUAL and is PEACE loving. Is in QUEST for quality always.
  • RESPECTS everyone including the old, poor, disabled and the strangers on the road.
  • STRIVES for excellence and perfection.
  • TRIES to help those less privileged than her/him.
  • Motivates others to perform to the best of their ability.
  • VALUES the benefits of a clean and healthy environment.
  • WILLINGLY accepts and sincerely does the work assigned to her/him.
  • The students and the Ex-students always remain loyal to his/her Alma Mater.
  • Is ZEALOUS about the honor and glory of the motherland & above all….....
  • Takes his own responsibility, is able to discriminate between right and wrong, is able to take the correct decisions and is a good and fair human being.

1.  All the learners must be in their seats before the educator enters the class. They must cooperate with the class prefects when the educator is not in the class.
2.   Children should always be clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days and for all school functions. Those who do not wear proper uniform will be sent home and/or fined.
3.    All learners are expected to attend all school days. If absent, submit a leave application in time.
4.    Learners are not allowed to receive visitors or phone calls during school hours expect in case of emergency. No 'Short Leave' from school shall be granted without an authorization letter from the parents and that too scarcely.
5.    No learner can leave the school premises during school hours except with the written permission of the Principal or Vice-principal or Headmistress.
6.    Verbal requests through relatives or servants to allow learner to go home before school gets over will not be complied with.
7.    Learners must take the responsibility of their own belongings. The name, class and section of the learner should be dearly marked on all their belongings.
8.    Do take good care of your things so that they do not get lost. Learners are 'requested not to wear any ornaments or expensive watches. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged.
9.    Learners are not allowed to bring to the school mobile phones, transistors, tape-recorders, C.D.s, calculators, cameras, video-games and other electronic gadgets, books, magazines, comics or any other literature which may be considered objectionable. Such material will be confiscated.
10.    Learners are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives and other dangerous material to school.
11.    Every learner must participate actively in the singing/dancing, physical and cultural classes, games and other school activities. All the school activities are an integral & compulsory part of school curriculum for all round personality development of children.
12.    All learners are responsible for their behavior inside and outside the school.
13.    Learners should take care of the school property. They should not write or scratch on the desk, chairs, walls or doors of the school; nor should they damage property belonging to others. Any damage done to the school property must be reported immediately and remedied by the offender. The decision of the Principal in the matter will be the final.
14.    Shouting or whistling is not allowed in the school premises. When changing classes, the learners must walk in silence.
15.    Bullying, using of foul language or using any form of violence against a fellow learner are punishable offences.
16.    Report of violence in any form inside or outside the school may result in the rustication of the learners concerned.
17.    Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, frequent late arrivals, willful disobedience, or conduct injurious to the tone and discipline of the school will be seriously dealt with.
18.    The school reserves the right to remove any learner from rolls whose progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their ward or whose conduct is harmful to others. Contempt of authority or/and engaging in any objectionable activity inside or outside the school premises, rude, rowdy or disorderly behavior either during or beyond school hours, or willful damage to school property, is sufficient reason for immediate removal from school.
19.    Classrooms must be kept neat and clean. Class cupboard must be properly maintained.
20.    When the school is in session, the learners are strictly forbidden to leave the class without educator's permission or the class out-passes. They should not be found roaming in groups during class-hours.
21.    During recess and before the assembly no learner is to create indiscipline in the classroom or corridor.
22.    Learners are warned not to buy eatables from the street vendors.
23.    Everyone must remember that English is our Campus language. All the learners must speak in English within the class and school premises. English conversation as far as possible should be maintained at home.
24.    Learners should go home straight after the school instead of visiting friends or attending parties. Requests for any deviation of normal routine are not entertained.
25.    A learner who is unable to cope up satisfactorily in the regular stream of education may require exercising other alternatives for his/her special needs.
26.    A learner who uses unfair means during a test will not be given any marks in that test. Repetition of the same will result in his/her instant removal. Any learner who is found tampering with marks in the Report Card and other School Certificates will be asked to leave the school.
27.    Learners must attend all the open days with their parents, in proper school uniform.

1.    Parents are requested to closely monitor their child's progress by paying attention to their punctuality, discipline, school assignments and circulars. Please check this link book of your ward every day for homework or any other instructions, if given.
2.    Please ensure that children are regular and punctual to school.
3.    Parents are not expected to ask for the child's leave on working days, particularly to attend functions and to go for pleasure trips.
4.    Check the haircut, identity card and general hygiene and health (fitness) before sending the child to school.
5.    Please inform the school in writing, if there is any change in your address, telephone number, bus route, learner's doctor or transfer of the father or mother.
6.    Please deposit the school dues on time.
7.    Learners coming in their own transport should reach school at least 10 minutes before the school timings.
8.    The school uniform is compulsory on all working days. Learners should come to school in neat, clean and proper school uniform. All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short and the girls must tie their hair neatly with a hair band as per the colour of the uniform.
9.    Please provide a positive environment to your child at home, using discretion and parental judgment, keep track of your child's emotional quotient and value system which is even more important than the intelligence quotient.
10.    It is always advisable to write/speak to the school about the concerns regarding your ward to seek guidance.
11.    Parents are requested to meet the subject/class teachers after seeking prior appointment with the class teacher.
12.    Leave for half day or short periods may not be approved for security reasons. Parents are advised to avoid such request.
13.    On birthday, children are allowed to distribute only toffees and chocolates of good brand and no other expensive items/gifts to their classmates. The seeds of simplicity and minimalism should be sown right from childhood.
14.    Students have to be in their house T-shirts on days assigned.
15.    Students from Class III onwards should come in school uniform on their birthdays too.

In order to conceive our vision for overall development of children, parents too is expected to visualize the learning process with a progressive outlook.

•    Please do lots of reading and discussion with your child, make them think, analyze and introspect.
•    Do several learning activities to relate the concepts in books to real life.
•    While discussing a topic with the child, enjoy the learning and focus on clarity of concept and understanding of the content in the lesson. Never encourage your child to mug up meaninglessly.
•    Please monitor the kind of language child uses and the company he/she follows. 
•   Encourage creative writing, attempting to answer new questions or questioning in different ways. Child may commit a few mistakes, may earn a lesser grade but eventually he/she would develop a thinking and analytical mind. Is that not what we want to see in our kids? So please don’t panic over 1 or 2 marks, A or B grades. Enjoy and acknowledge the process of learning. Believe me, particularly in this age group, ‘conceptual clarity’ and ‘developing a thinking mind’ are important, rather than the marks & grades.
•    Excursions & visits would be an integral part of our learning programme, some special thematic visits could be paid visits too and I would like to see all our children joining all such real life exposures.
•    Activities and events would also be the extremely enriching components of our curriculum which leads to all round development of child’s personality. All the children will take part in Morning Assembly, presentations and other activities. So please contribute promptly towards all such activities without a second thought.
•    Try your best to give English Speaking Environment to children at home too as the language is not taught but caught. At school, children are surely being exposed to English language in several ways and a good number of our children do understand and converse in English fairly well. However, some are the first generation learners and are in the process of picking up the language fluently.
In the class rooms, the overall transaction, by practice, is in English. However, for the clear understanding of concepts, teachers do need to go bilingual at times. The concept clarity is certainly the most important focus point.
•    Syllabus has been planned very thoughtfully. But at times, children take more time to understand a topic, than expected. In such a case, thorough understanding of the concept would be the priority, and we would not prefer to run mindlessly with the syllabus. Parents are expected to understand and acknowledge that children learn at different paces which cannot be always pre calculated. However, formal intimation would be given, wherever and whenever necessary.
•    Do work regularly with the children, in a pleasant way. Discipline them through role modeling. Children may not do what you say, but they surely catch what you do. 
•    There is a lot of violence, excessive media exposure and degenerating value systems around our children. At times, this brings a lot of negativity, restlessness and short attention span in children. So, please limit and monitor the quality of T.V. programmes they watch. Instead, give your quality time to children. Read, interact, play or go outdoors with them. Involve them in the daily chores you do. Let them feel a part and take responsibility. 
•    Discipline them gently yet firmly by following a well structured itinerary at home. Take all the necessary activities into account. Most importantly, be consistent. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
•    Do respect your child’s temple of learning, his/her school. Be positive and supportive towards all the programmes initiated by school.
•    Be constructive and volunteering towards all the activities of school curriculum.
•    Parents must keep on revising and helping their words on per teacher’s instruction. It should be according to the methods used in class. There is no need to run ahead of the syllabus. There in no hurry. Let the child learn at his/her pace. 
•    Create a good and conducive atmosphere at home and be a role model. The child ways learns from what his/her parents do, how they talk, how they behave, the language they use etc.
•    Encourage the child to wish you and other family members in the morning and before sleeping. Motivate the child to greet the guests and serve them water etc. make sure that you behave in the similar manner, in front of the child.
•    Parents must respect each other and respect child’s teachers and school so that the child imbibes nigh kind of values. 
•    Please make sure that the child is always regular and punctual to school.