JM International School

Enrich Workshop

1 July 2019 Painting Workshop by Asif Sir

17 Dec 2018 Career Counselling Workshop By Indian Navy Officials

6 Dec 2018 Self-Motivation for Success Workshop Conducted By CCD(Centre for Career Development)

22 Nov 2018 Workshop On Youth Empowerment By Foreign Delegates

3 Nov 2018 Individual Counselling Session Conducted by CCD (Centre for Career Development)

1 Nov 2018 Counselling Session on Adolescent Issues Conducted by CCD (Centre for Career Development)

4 Oct 2018 Mainstreaming Health and Physical education Workshop Conducted By Dr. ANURADHA GOVIND(SCHOOL PRINCIPAL)

4 Oct 2018 The power of forgiveness workshop conducted By Dr. ANURADHA GOVIND(SCHOOL PRINCIPAL)

28 Sep 2018 Career Counselling session by representatives of Aakash Institute

25 Sep 2018 Pottery Workshop Conducted by NIE

31-Aug-2018 Campaign Spread Happiness, not Scars

16-Aug-2018 New Age Careers- Emergence of Digital world

10 Aug 2018 Rakhi Making conducted By NIE

9 Aug 2018 Flag Decoration Conducted By NIE

6 Aug-2018 Emerging Careers in Commerce

5 Aug 2018 Time management Conducted by NIE

24-July-2018 Card Making Workshop conducted By NIE

24 July 2018 Puzzle making Workshop

4 July 2018 Road Safety Workshop

25 May 2018 Visit to Child Development Center

27 April 2018 Robotics Workshop

11 April 2018 International Knowledge Centre Workshop

01-Dec-2015 Workshop By Discovery Science( Adda Program)

02-Aug-2013 Way To Go…

03-Aug-2013 Physics Made Easy

03-Nov-2015 Tbff Face To Faith Workshop

03-Nov-2015 Tbff Face To Faith Workshop

05-Apr-2014 Young Scientist Workshop

05-May-2014 Vidhyartha Workshop

05-Nov-2014 Workshop On Menstrual Health And Hygiene For Girls

06-Apr-2013 Workshop On Robotics

06-Aug-2013 Jims Toddlers Go Active

06-Aug-2013 The Expert’s View

06-Aug-2013 Workshop By Fiit-jee

06-Aug-2015 Career Counseling Workshop By Cuac

06-Aug-2015 Robotics Workshop

06-Aug-2015 Tranzition Workshop For Grade-xii

07-Jul-2015 French Spell Bee

07-May-2014 First Aid Workshop

09-Apr-2014 Elevates Workshop

09-Nov-2015 Lamp Making Workshop

09-Sep-2014 Jmis Expert Study Session-chemistry

09-Sep-2014 Students Workshop For Class-x

10-May-2013 Vedic Maths Workshop By Gyan Sanchar

11-Apr-2016 Cartoon Making Workshop

11-Apr-2016 Workshop On Educational Pursuit Partnership Program

12-Aug-2013 The Art Of Living

12-May-2014 Fire Fighting Workshop

13-May-2013 Workshop On Story Telling

14-May-2013 Newspaper Craft Workshop By Ht

15-Apr-2013 Iapt Annual Convention And Workshop On Physics

16-Dec-2015 Gait Workshop

17-Aug-2013 Chemistry Workshop On Projects And Experimental Errors

17-Aug-2013 Fantastic Photography Workshop

18-Aug-2015 Ccd Workshop

18-Aug-2015 Workshop On Commerce Meet

18-Dec-2015 Workshop On Stress And Time Management

18-Sep-2013 Accountancy Workshop

19-Jul-2013 Guest Speak- La Experienced Guide

19-Sep-2013 Chemistry Made Easier

19-Sep-2014 Workshop On Sexual Behavior Of Children

20-May-2013 Camera Kids Workshop

21-Apr-2014 Table Manners Workshop

21-Apr-2016 Vedic Maths Workshop

21-May-2013 Contemporary Dance Workshop

21-May-2013 Workshop On Physics

21-Nov-2014 Robotics Workshop

22-Apr-2013 Workshop On Newspaper Recycling

22-Jul-2013 Chemistry Made Easy

23-May-2013 Workshop On Foundation Of Economics

23-May-2014 Effects Of Internet On Adolescence

23-Nov-2015 Pottery Workshop

23-Sep-2013 Test Your Memory

25-May-2016 Life Skills Workshop By Nie

25-Sep-2013 A Glimpse Of Practical Business

26-Apr-2013 Mathematics Workshop By Eduheal Foundation

26-Jun-2013 Workshop On Career Planning

26-Jun-2013 Workshop On Nurturing The Innate Talents Of Our Children

27-Aug-2014 Workshop On Child Abuse

27-Aug-2015 Handwriting Workshop For Students

27-Jun-2016 Talk Smart Workshop On Second Language Acquisition

27-May-2014 School Cinema Workshop

27-May-2014 Workshop On Accountancy

29-Mar-2016 Story Telling Workshop

29-May-2013 Workshop On Scientific Approach Of Teaching

30-Jun-2015 Mind Mapping Workshop

30-Mar-2016 Talk Smart Programme3

01-May-2016 Art Of Living

31-May-2016 Asset Training Workshop