Activity Clubs

(Activity-clubs for work-education)

The club is dedicated to the champions of the cause of environment. The students get a first-hand experience of how the young can take care of its future by taking concrete steps today. The club to its credit has initiatives against defacement of property, various tree plantation drives and cleanliness drives. The children have been raising their voices to promote a pollution free environment.

Face to Faith is our innovative schools programme for students of Grades VI to XII. This programme is active in 19 countries and growing. Face to Faith connects our students worldwide via videoconferences, where students discuss global issues from a variety of faith and belief perspectives. Through Face to Faith, students gain the dialogue skills required to prevent conflict by breaking down religious and cultural stereotypes. TheFace to Faith program is unique and far reaching in its potential to promote religious literacy among young people from different nations and religious traditions.

The heritage club endeavours to inculcate a feeling of pride and love for the rich cultural legacy left behind by our ancestors. It works with the zeal to make the students realize the mistakes of our past so that they can strategize in future the role India should play in the International arena. The Heritage Club compromises students who act as the proud and responsible custodians of our heritage- tangible and intangible. The students are sensitized about how our future depends on how well we take care of the legacies. It would imbibe this secular feeling into the hearts, mind and souls of the students, who are the future of our country. This would ensure India is no more torn by communal mind-set of the people.

The katha club motivates our young storytellers to decipher their literary capabilities and grooms them to deliver their unsurpassed excellence as storytellers. The club regularly organizes storytelling and story writing sessions to keep the members apprised and updated, it also provides them with a platform to display and share their creative literate instincts with the other members and audiences. The club also conducts role-plays and story enactments and attributes a new dimension to the ancient art of storytelling.

The Photography Club gives students concrete opportunities to not only hone their talent but also showcase it through it through various events. The club makes students aware of the professional aspects of this field. The students capture numerous important events in the school and outside, participate in competitions, go for heritage walks etc. Children are also taught to use photography as an awareness tool for various issues that strike a chord with them. 

This exciting, creative journey into the world of clay has given children a voice to articulate their emotions, intuition, and form or idea without words. Children, through this pliable and fascinating medium lose themselves in the act of creation, while developing confidence, perspective, flexibility, and independent thinking.

The quiz club caters to that group of students that lives by the dictum that little knowledge is dangerous. The club enriches students’ knowledge and update them with the latest happenings around the world or the facts that have defined the world’s existence; the club keeps its young genius ready for all competitions.

The school creative club endorses a very interactive practical approach while developing the advanced reading, creative writing and debating skills in children.
The reading and writing segment traverses through many interesting as well as challenging activities as brainstorming stories as a group to generate ideas, using fairytales, drama, interesting topics, issues, objects or suggested themes as an aid to freeing and developing the imagination. Having worked as part a group, each child is then given an opportunity to write on their own. We also like children to have an opportunity to read their writing aloud to a partner - as a first step in editing. Our principal goal is to help develop children’s creativity, reading prowess, creative writing ability, storytelling ability and confidence in their own imagination, rather than formal literacy skills, though these will undoubtedly be enhanced. Teachers also encourage students to collaborate throughout the writing process by brainstorming ideas about a topic, responding to drafts in a writing group, or helping peers edit or revise their work. Collaboration also can take the form of collaborative writing, whereby students jointly develop a single text.
Debating is yet another prominent component of our creative club. As well as being a powerful classroom tool, debating is a fun and educational extra-curricular activity. A debating society is the perfect way to focus interest in debating and can play a leading part in the school’s culture. Debating society is a great way to focus interest in debating in a school and is beneficial for a number of reasons. Debating society promotes the communication and advocacy skills, encourages the critical and creative thinking abilities and benefits the wider school culture by helping children take on leadership roles at an early age.

The school has initiated a road safety club to make the students aware about road safety and traffic management and the need to instil traffic discipline and reduce accidents on roads. During the club meetings, volunteers reached out to riders, drivers, and pedestrians, to seek their participation in making road safety and traffic management possible at the grassroots level. The club aims to make the students more responsible and traffic rules abiding citizens.

The school has come up with this club to sensitise the students about cruelty against animals....such as killing animals for food or for their fur and personnel pleasure. The member students were shown movies and were taken for a visit to the zoo to make them understand the plight of animals kept in captivity .The members of this club were also asked to share their experiences about any act of compassion towards stray animals they had come across around them. The club aims to make the students sensitive and compassionate human beings

The meal planning club gives the children an on hand experience of cooking various delicious recipes with and without fire. Children love to prepare the given recipes every week and take lots of pride in sharing and preparing it with their friends, teachers and principal. This club works towards boosting their confidence and making them more responsible while working in kitchen and handling things like knife and gas stove. Also they are becoming capable of cooking up a little surprise for their mothers every now and then.