JM International School



JMIS provides safe and reliable air-conditioned bus transportation to students who wish to avail of this facility. The school has a luxury & air-conditioned fleet of buses with the best of safety arrangements available for the neighbouring areas. The students in school buses are accompanied by well-trained attendants/ escorts to ensure their safety.




  1. School transport is an optional facilty and it cannot be claimed as a matter of right by any student. The School Management reserves the right to withdraw the transport facility from any student without assigning any reason whatsoever by giving notice co-terminus with the expiry of the quarter for which school transport charges have been paid or 30 days whichever is earlier.
  2. Transport facility will be made available on specified routes and designated stops only, at the sole discretion of the school management.
  3. It is to understand that school transport, like any other vehicle on road, may get delayed sometimes due to traffic conditions, road conditions, or some technical fault. The parents should understand these practical situations and they should be at their best in cooperating towards the same
  4. The school transport routes are subject to change depending upon the requirements of the students and it is at the sole discretion of the school management.
  5. For any addition or change in the route, the interested parents may contact the Principal with a written request. The change may be allowed as per the feasiblity and availability.
  6. The school transport is arranged by the school for a complete academic session. Thus school transport cannot be withdrawn between the academic session.


  1. All students using the school bus are expected to be on the left side of the school bus at their designated bus stops at least ten minutes before the arrival time of the bus. The buses will not wait for the latecomers. During the dropping time due to safety concerns, students will not be dropped unescorted, instead, he/ she would be taken back to school and the parent would have to collect the student from the school.
  2. The availability of school transport to the learners is subject to adherence to disciplinary norms. Any misbehavior that distracts the driver is a serious violation and could harm someone. Therefore, learners are required:

      a.  To remain seated while the bus is in motion.
      b.  To obey the Driver's /Bus ln-charge instructions.
      c.  Not to throw objects in or out of the bus.
      d.  Not to use indecent language in the bus with fellow pupils or the bus staff.
      e.  Not to damage the seats, curtains, etc. in the bus.
      f.   Not to fight or threaten other students in the bus.
      g.  To abstain from any unruly behavior in the bus.

If any student is reported for any of the above violations, the school will take the following actions:

FIRST OFFENCE:- Warning and report to the parents.
SECOND OFFENCE:- Call the parents and suspend the learner's traveling on the bus for one week.
THIRD OFFENCE:- School Bus facility shall be withdrawn with a fine.