Curricular Aims



  • Experiential/Conceptual/Application based & burden less learning
  • Strengthening of phonetics and sight word reading skills.
  • A lot of discussion, hands on activities and concept building.
  • Extending the learning beyond class rooms through excursions and visits.
  • Application of knowledge and understanding rather than rote learning.
  • Correct letter formation, Impressive handwriting and work presentation.
  • Developing creative and ‘thinking’ minds.
  • Strengthening of English speaking skills.
  • Strengthening of drawing and colouring skills.
  • Strengthening of public speaking skills and participation in assemblies and other activities.
  • Development of pre-learning concepts in children – sense of size, grouping, segregation, sorting, arranging, grading, sequencing, placing, tearing, cutting, pasting, spatial sense etc
  • Development of speech and drama skills (EDU-drama).
  • Development of motor, psycho-motor, neuromuscular, physical, social and emotional skills
  • Overall Personality development of our children
  • Above all making learning an enjoyable experience for children.


  • Language development will be of utmost importance. For that, all the language skills will be nurtured in children i.e. phonetics, Speaking, reading, recitation, comprehension, Vocabulary, thinking, writing etc.
  • Most of the work will be done in the class. The H.W will be comparatively lesser & more meaningful /enriching. It may be something to write, draw or colour, read, practice, collect, observe experiment, watch etc. etc.
  • For better concept building, rather than writing, writing, & just writing, we would like to invest adequate time in meaningful discussions and different kinds of learning activities. Therefore parents should not expect a lot of written work in the notebooks on daily basis. However, the work will be done in many more ways rather than only writing in the notebooks. The useful book exercises will be done.
  • Selective and structured work in notebooks and regular worksheets will be done.
  • Children would be regularly assessed in many thoughtful ways. To be more specific, their performance (conceptual understanding, application of knowledge) would be regularly assessed through daily activities, class room sessions, discovery-hour session and conceptual/skill-building worksheets (formative assessment).
  •  Writing skill would be emphasized upon too through consistent reinforcement. Please ensure that your child does the correction by writing the correct formation of the letter 5 times.
  • Parents may participate in the learning process by consolidating the conceptual understanding in the child through regular discussion, storytelling, informal talking, and conceptual revision, sight word reading practice, hand writing practice and conceptual/miscellaneous activities at home too.
  • Eating fruits is a healthy habit. Therefore the daily fruit break would be from 8:50 a.m. to 9 am...
  • Our Monday morning assemblies are quite resourceful, with aerobics, yoga, meditation, public speaking,

Quiz music and above all, participation of all the students.

  • The wholesome learning experience at JMIS is dealt with a lot of concern and pedagogical expertise and we would not want any child to miss her/his learning experience even for a single day.