Performance Spaces

AUDITORIUM – Shakuntalam
Aesthetically designed for maximum effect, the Air-Conditioned Indoor School Auditorium called ‘SHAKUNTALAM’ is the venue for most events at JMIS campus. Whole school assemblies are also held here. 
The Auditorium is fully equipped with the state of the art facilities for sound, light, multi-media, film-show and stage-craft. 

Well equipped and spacious enough to house the capacity of around 1500 spectators, our outdoor performance area becomes the venue for the mega-cultural events in the evenings, festive celebrations and also for outdoor curricular activities like art-fair, project-display, etc.

The favorite activity hub especially in the sunny winter mornings is one of the most loved performance areas on the school terrace. Here, the whole school enjoys the creative flavors of JMIS, assembled in a family like setting.