1. School Dues:
a. All school dues are to be paid between 1st to 10th of the specific month, if the 10th happens to be a Sunday/ holiday, the payment must be made by the 11th of that month.

b. Fees Payable for twelve months: All fees and funds shall be charged for a full period of twelve months, from the students in accordance with the prescribed fees of the school.

c. Fee Payment Schedule:

1st Quarter

April, May, June

Between April 1-10

2nd Quarter

July, Aug, Sept.

Between July 1-10

3rd Quarter

Oct, Nov, Dec.

Between Oct 1-10

4th Quarter

Jan, Feb, March

Between January 1-10

c. A fine of Rs.50/- per day shall be levied from the 11th of the month in which the school dues are to be paid till the end of the fee payment month.

d. Thereafter, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls and re-admission will be done at the discretion of the Principal and on payment of arrears and fine along with admission fee as re-admission fee.

eFee can be paid through Cloud9 App or through account payee cheque. In case of dishonoring of the cheque, Rs.500/- will be recovered as penalty charges.

f. Fee/ Charges once paid are non-refundable.

2. General Damage:
For all damages to the furniture, fixtures, library books, or lab equipment due to negligence or deliberately, the students will have to pay double the cost of the articles.