“School is a building with four walls and “Tomorrow” inside”
MRS. VANDANA BHARGAVA - Principal's Message, JM International School Greater Noida West

J M International School has been conceived with a vision to harness excellence. We have the best possible infrastructure, the most innovative curriculum and a very dedicated team of well qualified teachers.

I have taken up this enormous responsibility of grooming and educating India’s Youth by providing them ample opportunities and a conducive environment under one roof. It has been my philosophy to treat every child in a sensitive manner so as to nurture their potential to excel in various field- both scholastic and co-scholastic.

From Tech wizards to avant grade craftsmen, learning the art of appropriate body language through mime to being good orators; we teach them all of this. We foster the values of learning not memorizing, as I firmly believe that learning is about creating new master pieces daily and settling new bench marks which will be out moded tomorrow by our own future learners.  I believe in the quote-

“Let your light shine”

My focus is to extract the hidden talent from every learner and polish it till they shine as diamonds.

I intend to create an environment where students imbibe a zeal for acquiring knowledge through an analytical outlook. I intend to ensure that in pursuit of knowledge, this momentum never slackens.

Thus we, at J M International, are on a pursuit of bringing a paradigm shift from teaching to learning, which would continue to set the school as future focused. With ever evolving teaching methodologies, we keep ourselves on our feet, ready to adapt the changes and be in sync with this intelligence explosion.

I, as an academician, aim to inculcate academic honesty, moral awareness, discipline and a strong sense of belongingness in all my students. I lay greatest emphasis on a deep sense of morality, values ethics and a spirit of tolerance for all my students. I am confident that when given right guidance and encouragement, you will be able to imbibe the zeal and zest to succeed and a strong desire to excel in perseverance and dedication towards your goals will sure make you successful in life.

“Education is the way to lock the golden door of freedom. Develop a passion for learning, which if you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Warm Regards

Vandana Bhargava
J M International School
Greater Noida West