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The school has established STEM (SCIENCE - TECHNOLOGY - ENGINEERING - MATHEMATICS) Labs as per International standards such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, EVS, Astronomy, Robotics, Computers & Mathematics for primary, middle and senior school children, which see many lively classes with activities, experiments, demonstrations, observations, symposiums and presentations in various subjects besides the discipline they are meant for. All these are equipped with the latest instruments and tools and run competently by experienced laboratory assistants.


These labs also serve as the Science & EVS Laboratory for the kindergarten and primary school, fully equipped with resources to provide a ‘hands-on’ learning experience to students, the lab has all the necessary apparatus to enable the students to navigate the grade wise science/ EVS concepts with ease.

LIBRARY - Research and Referral Centre
The campus lays claim to a well stocked Learning Resource Centre for students and educators. It has a variety of resources including e-library including international & national magazines & journals covering varied topics and stocks CDs/ DVDs with subject related content. The furniture and other facilities are designed aesthatically as per the age group of students. Educators use the library to supplement their teaching lessons with facts and references from around the world; parents are welcome to access the resources on parenting and other relevant topics. DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) project which is embedded with the school curriculum, encourages learning beyond classroom.