Director's Message

"Welcome to an institution where children are empowered to realize their dreams..."

Globalisation is the core of the educational programme. The school motto “Timeless Indian Values, Global Outlook”, impresses upon the students to attain Indian values, broad-based knowledge, global cultural ethos and socio-scientific developments as the highest form of meditation to achieve the global outlook. It provides an edifying system, which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation without compromising on our value system and traditions.

We do not accept the dogma of genius is born; instead, we develop talent by quality curriculum design. We provide a myriad of co-curricular activities along with a well-designed curriculum. The integrated programme of these activities encourages learners to master various skills. Our Child-Centred Approach is solely based on learning beyond the classrooms.

In the contemporary world in which our young children are competing and shining on national as well as international forums, educational needs go far beyond the acquisition of academic competencies. In incrementally competitive workplaces around the world, the need for developing 21st Century skills is of utmost importance. Therefore, we are imparting social-emotional skills among our students. They tend to become more productive citizens with a greater ability to cope with the challenges of life. The ALMIGHTY will definitely shower his choicest blessings on us to perform our duties honestly so as to enjoy the bliss of HAVEN on our beautiful earth.

I believe the education to be complete must be humane, it must include not only the training of intellectual but also refinement of Heart, Body, and discipline of the Soul.

Yogesh Gupta
J M International Group of Schools