Sampooran Vyaktitav

The Holistic Personality Development Programme..

At JMIS we believe that along with academics, co-curricular activities contribute equally to the overall growth and development of a child. A child’s creative expression, self-confidence, social, mental, spatial and sensory skills, social interaction and self-confidence mature with a healthy balance of academic and co-curricular. The learning programme must look at developing the whole individual with a versatile all-rounded personality by training the head, heart, body and conscience through a Conceptual Interdisciplinary Academic Programme integrated with Enrichment Activities for multi-dimensional exposure, Cultural Education in performing and visual art, physical education in games, sports, health and fitness, character building through value education and life-skill programme & technical education through computer-based and technology-enabled learning programme. The various activities offered at the school are:

PERFORMING ARTS-Music, Dance, Theatre, Mime, Katha-the storytelling programme

VISUAL ARTS-Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Portraits, Folk-Art, Origami, Pottery, Sculpture, Papier-mâché

LITERARY ACTIVITIES- Quiz, Symposium, Declamation, Group Discussions, Extempore, Recitation.

FESTS- UMANG theatre Fest, RHETORIA Interschool fest, SRIJAN Project Expo, INQUEST Science fest, KALA-SHRI Art fiesta, UTSAV Cultural fest & PRAYAS & SPARDHA Sports meets.

LEADERSHIP & ADVENTURE CAMPS- Multiple Intelligences camps, Leadership camps, Nature camps, Adventure camps, Sky-Watchers camps, Peer Mentoring, Investiture, Pre-factorial

VIVIDH ACTIVITY CLUBS & SOCIETIES-Robotics, Astronomy, Film Appreciation, Mass-Media, IT, Quiz, Wellness programmes, Handicraft, Creative Writing, Photography, Orchestra, VASUDHA Environment Club.

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMMES- Road safety, Sanitation Drive, Eco-Club, SHIKSHA- a peering teaching programme by students.

SABHYATA- Life-skill & Value-education programme, SEVA- A community service programme.

SOCIAL CHANGE AWARENESS PROGRAMMES- BHARAT-POSITIVE with FEVER 104 FM, JOSH-TALK-inspirational life-talks by eminent personalities from diverse fields, Speaker Of The Year(SOTY)- a research-based public speaking forum on different social concerns, Mock United Nations-to address the International Concerns, Gender-Sensitivity.