We, staunchly believe that schools should not condition children to rote-learn the information and reproduce it undigested, as it is, in the exam i.e. School (A) 
Instead, the school must create opportunities for children to experience learning, think, analyze, apply, create and discover their own spectrum i.e. School (B)
In fact, the enormous building and flashy titles do not make a difference to a child’s life, but whether the child has grown up in school A or school B, does make a difference for the life-time, in child’s Attitude, Aptitude, and Altitude.
Welcome to the School-B, JM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
Developing happy & confident children with ‘thinking’ minds 
JMIS is an unconventional and innovative school was founded on the premise that every child is special in his own way and has a special ability to learn. JMIS Gr. Noida is taking forward the glorious legacy of our flagship school JMIS, Dwarka which has carved a niche for its transformational pedagogy and international practices and has been an avant-gardist in the field of education for the last 14 years. We believe that each child entrusted to us will receive holistic education in its finest form. For us, education is a preparation for life which is an enjoyable, interactive, and empowering experience for our children. 
Individual Attention & Caring Classrooms
At JMIS the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Following this child-centered instinct, we have kept our class size deliberately small based on a view with a preference for quality which is imperative in order to give individualized attention to children so that the emotional and developmental needs of each child may be understood and catered to in the best possible way. All the children get equal opportunities to excel in their lives in their own special way. Everyone gets a chance to participate in all the school programs and activities.
National & International Accolades 
TIMES School Survey 2020 has ranked JMIS amongst TOP 7 Schools in Gr. Noida. The school is a proud recipient of the International School Award thrice from the British Council for Outstanding Development of International Dimension in the Curriculum for the years 2011 to 2021. JMIS Dwarka has been ranked No.1 in India by Education Today for the years 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016 for ‘Holistic Development’, ‘Individual Attention’, ‘Academic Reputation’, Innovative Teaching’.
Global Perspective in Education-Internationalism in Curricular Approach
We make every effort to develop our students into truly global citizens. JMIS curriculum is enriched with creative activities & projects to foster international understandings. Video-Conferences & educational exchange programs with Schools & Universities in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Finland & many more. JMIS is a proud member of the Confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Associations of India, a unit of UNESCO, Paris (France), Generation Global, A Project of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, U.K.  and Music Camp International, Romania.
Innovations @JMIS- student development through transformational pedagogy
The learning program at JMIS is an engaging and involving storehouse of a plethora of innovative initiatives. We are always driven towards introspection and we continuously offer improved & better practices for our children as we want only the best for them. Wide range of innovative & transformational methods like Joy of Discovery (learning through discovery), Circle Time, Theatre-In-Education, Speech-n-drama, Technology-in-education, Science hour, Art-in-Education, BEHES, DEAR, Katha, Galana, Flip teaching, Life Skill Program, Class Panchayat, Inspire Time, Dus-Kadam, School Cinema, ‘Khoj’ Expeditions, etc., etc.  
Sampoorn Vyaktitv (Overall Excellence)
JMIS has always had a unique approach towards learning. Here learning is based on the view that each individual comes into life with an evolutionary purpose and corresponding potentialities, educating means drawing out this potential. The learning program must look at developing the whole individual with a versatile all-rounded personality by training the head, heart, body, and conscience through a Conceptual Interdisciplinary Academic Programme integrated with Enrichment Activities for multi-dimensional exposure, Cultural Education in performing and visual art, Katha-Theatre-in-Education, physical education in games, sports, health and fitness, character building through value education and life-skill program & technical education through computer-based and technology-enabled learning program. At JMIS, we believe that along with academics, co-curricular activities contribute equally to the overall growth and development of a child; in terms of creative expression, art appreciation ability, social interaction, and self-confidence.
Learning for Life -Experiential Learning 
We believe that children must become life-long learners and learn for the examination of life rather than only cramming for marks. We motivate them to gain practical wisdom via Experiential Learning by connecting learning with the ‘Real Word Experiences’ through a wide range of innovative teaching methods and activities. At JMIS, students learn by doing and discover the concepts on their own by experiencing them in real-life situations. Outdoor or ‘real world’ learning, including the first-hand experience of the natural world, is one of the most effective forms of education.
Future-Ready School with Ultramodern Infrastructure & Facilities 
JMIS, Gr. Noida with sprawling green & ultramodern campus provides a welcoming ambiance and enclose in its wraps a safe, secure, and sound tomorrow for our young global learners. The futuristic infrastructure comprising environmentally sustainable Green School with Wi-Fi and CCTV enabled campus, ergonomically designed air-conditioned smart classrooms with digital learning modules aligned with NCERT/CBSE curriculum, multipurpose hall and Amphitheatre, STEM(Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) Labs as per international standards such as Science, Astronomy, Robotics, Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Global Learning Hubs like Discovery room, Language lab, BALA Concept in building, Library-a well-stocked learning resource center for students and educators. etc. for nurturing effective & sound teaching-learning process. Well-designed full of bright hues, the discovery, art, craft, theatre, music studios provide an aesthetic ambiance for all the competitions & workshops. Here the children find a happy diversion from the daily routine and their imagination is sharpened and their creative ability gets motivated.
Games and Sports for Excellence
To nurture students into well-balanced individuals the sports curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the school curriculum. The school provides a host of physical activities that range from Martial Arts & fitness to skill-building & recreational sports. The sports curriculum keeps students healthy and active throughout their stay at JMIS via regular weekly games & sports such as karate, taekwondo, skating, yoga, aerobics, scientifically designed skill-building activities, basketball, lawn tennis, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, athletics, table tennis, chess, carrom, etc. The school also provides an international sports program for students by specialized coaches. 
Academic Council & Advisory Board
JMIS is envisioned by the finest & stellar academicians in its academic council and advisory board, aiming at nurturing the overall excellence in children. Under the JMIS Mentor program, renowned educationists and subject scholars from all disciplines regularly come and take extremely productive learning sessions with students. Along with enhancing the academic/ cognitive, study skills and examination skills of children, they also conduct training programs for teachers under the educator empowerment program. JMIS offers ample opportunities to be a part of various educative and informative workshops for students as well as teachers. 
Inspiring School Environs-Values & Life Skills-lessons for life
If there is something integral to the growth of a child into a well-balanced individual, it is the acquisition of life-skills, intrapersonal, interpersonal, social, emotional: and School Cinema just does that. It is an innovative concept that we use, which is a learning module with a fun and exciting workbook on life-skills, values, and attitudes, developed through research and taught using short films to reaffirm values, morals and equip children with skills to deal with everyday challenges. Life-skill Workshops and Subject Teaching integrated with values have transformed thousands of our children over a decade. The main objective of life skills education at JMIS is to enable the students to develop an awareness of themselves as a person of worth and dignity.
Uncompromising Safety & Security
At JMIS the safety & security of our students & staff is of predominant significance. Round the clock school is manned by professional and trained security services and best practices for effective risk management strategies are in place. School has meticulously framed policies and follows stringent protocols to ensure a safe & secure environment for the students. Students at JMIS feel safe and comfortable while they study and learn at the school as we provide the best infrastructure in terms of safety and security. We make sure that the children are provided with safe RO drinking water through customized water fountains and immaculate toilets. Spacious air-conditioned classrooms are designed with special child-friendly learning equipment ensuring a conducive and healthy environment for the learning process to take place. CCTV cameras are installed in every nook & corner of the school premises. A well-equipped infirmary and a tie-up with a nearby hospital for emergencies. Air-conditioned & GPS enabled fleet of buses.