Aatm-Manthan 'the introspection'


The Introspection / The soul-search
If Society has to transform the only vehicle is Education The way our children are being ‘educated’ or if we say ‘trained’, it certainly needs to be relooked at, redefined, and completely transformed. JMIS endeavors to bring about education with a difference, to make a difference in the lives of our children… and the society at large. The schools' educators and parents… all need to introspect deeply on the following:

Is the child getting a ‘learning-centered’ Environment? 

  • Is learning a joyful and enriching experience for children?
  • Does learning happen everywhere… outside the classrooms and beyond the textbooks
  • Do children understand why they are learning and what they are learning?
  • Is education ‘learning-centered’ or ‘teaching-centered’?
  • Are children becoming ‘ready for life’ or only ‘ready for exam’?

Is each child able to bring out her/his best? 

  • Does each child get the opportunity?
  • Are the strengths of the child emphasized upon, rather than only weaknesses?

Is the purpose of education being met?

  • Does the school culture kindle the spirit of inquiry and discovery in children?
  • Do the children have the spirit to question, the ability to form opinions, and the courage to be different, innovative, and creative?
  • Do children have a mind of their own?
  • Are children developing into caring, empathetic, and thinking young people?

Are the teachers truly empowered?

  • Do teachers have the freedom to be creative, innovative, and share ideas?
  • Do they research and learn new methods or is there a stifling reliance on textbooks alone?
  • Do they facilitate learning in children or they deliver lessons?

For us, such questions and responses from the basic edifice upon which we have built our value system on whose foundation we have constructed the progressive design of our school curriculum. It is our firm conviction to continue asking such questions to arrive at the true meaning of education and learning.

“The learning is an all-encompassing, all-pervasive and a life-long journey 
towards the destination which is the learning itself.”

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