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Across the school, educators are grouped according to Faculties that work across various curricular disciplines and integrate their teaching-learning process. The team of dynamic, highly committed teachers is dedicated to maximizing student potential. 


Our EYP (Early Years Programme) & EPYP (Early Primary Years Programme) teachers are uniquely energetic, sensitive, and warm individuals. They love what they do and are trained and chosen to relate, teach, and share with every child and in the class. They are sensitive to the needs of young children, relate well to the little ones, and work closely with parents.

Our specialist teachers are chosen for their background in the arts or education, high standards of English, and the ability to motivate children. Each teacher infuses her class with enthusiasm and creativity, interpreting the curriculum in a way that will bring out the best in the children.

Our teachers value each child's strengths and needs. We encourage parental involvement because we recognize that a parent is the child's first and most influential teacher.


The principal aim of the Languages Faculty is to fully develop the students' ability to understand, enjoy, and use language through speaking, listening, reading, writing, and the explicit study of language skills. Children learn and understand the features and purposes of literary and non-literary writing, including media and moving image texts, and oral communication. Through a range of differentiated learning and teaching strategies, they are enabled to make progress at a remarkable pace. We believe passionately in enhancing student learning through extra-curricular activities. Various resource persons and trainers are invited to visit the School to

Conduct talks and workshops. Other activities include theatre, literacy and journalism/media clubs, KATHA, elocution, debates, and class plays.


Mathematics faculty helps the students develop confidence in the use of mathematical concepts and skills, which will enable them to cope with the practical, mathematical demands of everyday life. We aim to project mathematics as a positive and enjoyable experience as well as an important part of the curriculum. Students learn to work in a systematic way, both independently and within groups, using imagination, initiative, and flexibility of mind.


The Faculty is committed to satisfying children’s great curiosity about the world in which they live. Science at the J M International School offers the opportunity to be curious, to question, to investigate, to formulate hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, make observations and record results, and thus experience the joy of discovery in learning. 


A study of the Humanities or social sciences aims to better prepare students for the economic, political, social, and environmental challenges of our world. Our Humanities Faculty takes pride in its innovative and dynamic curriculum which is delivered by passionate and informed educators. We aim to develop students who can explore, understand, and evaluate the social, political, economic, and environmental dimensions of the world, and formulate and justify arguments in response to a diverse range of issues.


Whether it’s a third grader creating a beautiful composition with MS paint or an eighth-grader creating a PowerPoint presentation on the Uprising of 1857, technology permeates all facets of student life at JMIS. At the primary and junior level, technology education is integrated with the curriculum to make it a seamless learning experience. At Middle School, learning is more structured and formalized with the intent to enhance students' cross-curricular application skills.

The Technology Faculty is responsible for supporting the student body and the staff group in a technology-rich environment. Every staff member is computer literate, as are all students! As the students progress through the grades, the transparent use of technology is evident in each classroom. This seamless integration is enhanced by the use of a multitude of hardware devices and software applications, and full Internet connectivity throughout the school.

The Technology Faculty also maintains and supports the web-enabled campus management system ensuring that the parent-school interface remains efficient and there is effective communication at all times.


The faculty, through aesthetically inclined training in visual arts (art, craft, pottery, sculpture, etc) offers unparalleled opportunities for the development of the imagination, sensitivity, and inventiveness - all essential elements in children. For those with high levels of skill and a suitable temperament, this can lead to employment in the arts. The arts and arts-related industries are currently an area of unprecedented growth throughout the world. The arts not only supply the foundation for varied, enriching leisure pursuits but enable students to develop their powers of creativity alongside interpersonal skills needed for everyday life.


The Performing Arts faculty through their creative training in Vocal Music (Indian and Western), Orchestra ( Indian and Western), Dance ( Indian and Western, classical, folk, contemporary, and fusion) provides a means for personal expression, inspiring confident participation in practical work, developing social skills through creative teamwork, broadening attitudes towards the arts and communicating skills, techniques and concepts. The Faculty plays a significant role in integrating performing arts with the other disciplines of the curriculum and also offers diverse platforms to children to give public performances in a range of productions, live orchestra, and dance & music recitals.


Laying great emphasis on health and physical education the PE Faculty conducts a diverse range of games, sports, recreational and life-skill activities to deliver a comprehensive PE program. The PE faculty contributes to the physical experience and all-round development of students including the basic body management with balanced coordination and skillful movement, concentration, agility, endurance/stamina, fitness, nutrition, character-building, love for sports, and the sportsman spirit in individual, pair, group and team situations.

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