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Theatre in education (TIE)

Theatre-in-Education (TIE) is a program comprising conceptual understanding, vocabulary enrichment, and value education through performances supported by active students’ participation, often in the form of interactive classes. Theatre provides a unique gateway to learning and affords a dimension of knowledge. It is envisaged in the curriculum as a creative process that allows children to explore the full potential of drama as a learning experience.

As a bonus, theatre in education leads to proficiency in acting, drama & scriptwriting and also helps the students to sharpen their skills as creative writers/actors/ creative translators/directors/producers/stage managers, etc. This is a unique opportunity for students to pursue their interest in theatre.

KATHA the Storytelling through enactment is a significant segment of TIE. Storytelling is a traditional yet contemporary art that is well-acclaimed for its transformational, inspirational, and linguistic significance. Our KATHA CLUB students and teachers give their messages by means of presenting some skits designed and written by them.

Theatre can make a unique contribution to the development of the child. The flamboyance and the particular character of KATHA, provide the means by which the child can achieve an enhanced awareness of self and can experience a unique mode of learning. Theatre classes in our school have given each child the opportunity to approach new knowledge through this dimension of imaginative activities and experience.

KATHA– “learning Values through story enactment”
JMIS believes that “learning is not limited to reading or writing. It also caters to exploring, discovering, and enhancing the oratory skills and confidence of the students.

To celebrate Baby Krishna’s birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm in the school premises, the teachers of Ankur & Pallav showcased their talent by enacting as a part of the ‘Katha’ segment a small skit on Krishna’s birth for the children of JM Upvan. Children were excited on amazed to see their teachers performing on stage.

Puppets are the best way to make a lesson enjoyable for kids. Puppetry is not only an interesting way to tell stories but it is also a powerful tool to captivate their interest and empower them with creative skills. Keeping this in mind a puppet show was organized for the students of Pallav by their teachers. The puppet show was based on the story “THE GINGERBREAD MAN”. Children enjoyed it a lot and learned that we should not disturb others while they are working or are busy.

Another enactment by the teachers of Ankur was on the story “Chal Meri Dholak”. Children enjoyed the story of Pinky & Dholak through which they also learned that we should obey our elders. They also enjoyed singing the song “Chal meri Dholak” with their teachers.

The teachers of Grade I and II showcased their talent by presenting two different stories. 

The story of THE TORTOISE AND THE GEESE was enacted by teachers of class I Ms. Ritu and Ms. Anju. It is a popular fable that shows how being not able to keep away from talking in spite of being advised so leads a tortoise to its doom.

The story about Unity often demonstrates the moral that UNITY IS STRENGTH. This is an important lesson for all of us, particularly young children. Keeping this in mind the teachers of grade II enacted a famous Panchatantra story The Hunter and the Dove. Students from the story learned that if we are united we can overcome any obstacle. 

Some of the activities are conducted subject-wise: -

A story enactment was done by class V students with a motive to make them understand the Topic – “Flying Together” & the importance of Teamwork in every aspect of life. The students presented themselves with full enthusiasm as the Doves in the story and while presenting the skit they learned a great lesson of life – “Teamwork”

HINDI: “Andha Kaun’
A play was performed by the students of class viii in which blind old women is the main character. This play conveys the message that society is full of people who are holding important and influential positions but do not have the right vision to make good decisions. The play shows how old women go for help from various rich and powerful people but gets help from a common man. The play emphasizes the importance of humanitarian traits like empathy, charity, and compassion for fellow human beings

An interactive session was conducted with class V students to help them understand the location of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the globe. Students enacted as Globes and explained about the Latitude that passes through India, its surrounding countries, and other geographical features. This activity aimed at educating the students on the use of the globe for studying different aspects of the geographical location of a place.

A group presentation by class IV on the topics: 
Formation of Day & Night, the formation of Season, the formation of Winds were given in the class where the students enacted the topic with the help of innovative teaching aids like a wheel, globe, projector, etc.

To make the student understand Profit & Loss and finding its percentage of a market a scene of the market was created as a part of a group activity by class VII students. They sold and purchased Teddies & in the end, they calculated the Profit & Loss and find out their Loss or Profit percent as a shopkeeper.

Inter-house skit competitions are organized on the following: -

Itne Ram Kaha se laau: 
The teaching of Ramayana was conveyed by the students in the form of a skit named "Itne Raam Kahaan Se Laayein’. The students depicted through the play that Ravana is not only a character in the Ramayana it is one of the traits of human nature and if we really want to put an end to the Ravana we should try to eliminate the evils prevailing in the society, only burning the effigies is not enough.

Naari Tab aur Ab:    
The skit depicted the condition of women in the so-called modern society in comparison to ancient times. The play very sensitively displayed the atrocities like female foeticide, dowry, and domestic violence prevailing all around us.

Kalyug ki Ramayan:    
The students with full vigor and fervor laid a strong foundation on values & beliefs. Through the skit, they demonstrated modern Luv – Kush & the Luv Kush of the old era. Their performance made the audience astonished by giving a message that “Time should not be blamed for any changes in the society, it’s the way we lay the foundation”

The students in the skit portrayed a scene of Rama & Sugreev’s friendship and friendship in modern times, who pretends to be friends but at the time of emergency, nobody helps. They gave a message that “A Friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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