Dear Members of JMIS Family, Well Wishers and Visitors


The school website has been curated to serve as an online resource that provides all relevant information about JMIS, and as you go through the contents here, you will get a sense of the lavish essence of our school life.

With the uncertainty that the pandemic has piled on mankind, there are two things we know for certain:-
1) Like last year this year also we will continue online classes till offline mode is started officially; and
2) Our families and students can still count on JMIS being a place of community and support!

School may have a different feel this year with online learning but our commitment to students, teachers, families and community hasn’t changed the least bit. We have been trying our best and have sustained the teaching learning process in grave adversity, helping build the students’ self-confidence so that they take risks fearlessly and attempt new trials. We have witnessed our wonderful children transform and emerge more confident and assured according to the circumstances, helped by the loving and guiding presence of parents, teachers and other members of the school community.

All facets of our educational courses are judiciously prearranged to nurture and kindle a holistic 360-degree development of the most important stakeholders of this institution; the students. JMIS is committed to develop knowledge, intellectual inquisitiveness, social skills, physical fortitude, finest creativity and exposure to occupational skills. We mould our children to act locally but think globally, thus they evolve into independent individuals who are prepared for life anywhere in the world successfully.

We are a passionate team of educators who seek to make school a dynamic and excellent institution that will be able to meet the requirements of the present, be visionary about the future, while weaving in the integrity and values of our great country’s past.

We encourage our learners to follow the more justifiable self-discipline than impose discipline on them, so as to do away with repression in our school. Stimulating students to high standards of accomplishment and providing them space to flourish, we hope to witness splendid outcomes year after year. By going well beyond various festivals, languages, clothing and food habits we instil national pride in our children, consequently letting them become understanding and tolerant towards diversity.

Our wise venture in human resources for the professional development of our staff helps to keep them aware of the latest information they and in turn see themselves as part of the world-wide educational community.

As JMIS community, it is our obligation to implement ways and means to manoeuvre the talents and energy of our students into creative community building. With this noble resolve, I appeal to all staff, students, parents and well-wishers to come together as we take JMIS to greater heights!

Together We Can and We Will!!!

Dr. Amita Saxena

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"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. ~ Will Rogers "