Academic Council

Academic Council

•  ACCOUNTANCY: Dr Balbir Singh, the renowned professor of Accountancy and Business Studies and the former Head of Commerce Department at Delhi university 

 ECONOMICS: Mr S. K. Aggarwal, one of the most coveted educationists in the field of Economics who has several textbooks on economics to his credit.

•  BUSINESS STUDIES: Mr S K Bhatia. A well-acclaimed name in the field of Business Studies has worked with the prestigious CIE, Delhi University. He has authored several books for +2 and B.Ed. students. He has visited the UK, USA, Canada, China, and North Korea during his study-projects. He has conducted about 200 workshops for students, teachers, and principals.

•  PHYSICS: Mr. Ashok Chawla, an expert in Physics as a discipline, has worked with Delhi University and Delhi College of Engineering

•  CHEMISTRY: Dr. A.K.Vashishth is an expert in the field of Chemistry. He infuses the love for chemistry in students with the passion and the experiential approach he enjoys towards the discipline. He also conducts workshops for educators on ‘innovative’ & ‘Child-centered’ education. 

•  BIOLOGY: Mr Virendra Shrivastav is a transformational educationist who is no less than an authority in the field of Biology and Integrated Science. The recipient of the State Award and Dr Radha Krishnan Award, Mr Shrivastav has been a member of the committee of courses with CBSE for 9 years and has been associated with NCERT and SCERT & has also authored biology textbooks. A resource person to various teacher training programs in India and Gulf countries, he has been to the UK for Curriculum Development and Science Education Programme on British Council scholarship. 

•  MATHS: Mr S. N. Chibber is one of the best subject-expert of our times, in the field of mathematics. He has authored several textbooks and reference books and conducted countless workshops and training programs on Mathematics in India as well as abroad.

 ENGLISH: Mr S. K. Gangal, our subject-mentor of English Language is one of the transformational pioneers of interactive teaching approach in English. Mr Gangal is no less than an authority on the subject. He is a prolific writer and has authored several textbooks and reference books. He has conducted many English Language workshops and training programs for teachers and students.

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