Dear Parents,

J M International School fraternity welcomes you to be a part of the prestigious JMIS family. We are sure your ward will enjoy the warmth and sagacity throughout his/her stay in the school. We would like to mention here some important points, which are required to be complied with:-

  1. Please intimate the school authorities in writing in case of any changes in your residential address, telephone nos. etc. with a photocopy of the proof of residence duly self-attested so as to avoid any communication gap in case of an emergency that may happen during the school hours.
  2. Please intimate in writing the loss/ damage of Students'/ Parents' Identity Card immediately along with its cost for issuing a duplicate one.
  3. The Parents' Identity Card must always be brought and produced at the school gate whenever any parent visits the school for any purpose.
  4. Due to safety and security concerns, students will not be allowed to enter the school premises 15 minutes prior to the stipulated school timings or stay any longer than 15 minutes after the dispersal. Parents are advised to make their arrangements accordingly. Outside the school gates/ premises, it is the parent's responsibility to ensure the safety of their ward(s).
  5. While picking up of student(s) from the school, the parents/ guardian are required to show/ produce the I-Cards issued by the school authorities to the security staff and in case any other member of the family desires to pick a student from the school, he/ she will also be required to show/ produce I-Card issued by the school authorities having his/ her photo or authority letter on behalf of the parent of the concerned student(s).
  6. Late arrival to school is not allowed and in case of repeated late arrivals, defaulting students will not be allowed to attend the school for that day as it hampers the discipline & decorum of the school.
  7. During the school hours, parents will not be allowed to roam inside the school premises. Kindly adhere to all the safety norms and checks put in place by the school security staff.
  8. The school authorities will take all necessary care and precautions to safeguard the students. However, the school authorities will not be responsible for any mishap beyond their control inside the school premises. This applies not only at the school premises but also on school excursions, outings, picnics, camps, etc.
  9. The school fee or any other dues must be submitted within the stipulated time schedule, else it leads to unnecessary wastage of time in giving reminders/ telephone calls. Please follow the deadlines.
  10. For fruitful collaboration, please make it a point to attend all the PEMs and other meetings whenever called for. As a respectable equal partner in your child's education, parents are expected to visit the school, dressed up formally and smartly & participate in all activities of the school, whole-heartedly. Your suggestions & inputs are always welcome.
  11. Being cultured and well-mannered holds the place of prime importance in the JMIS Philosophy. Please be our true partners in ensuring that your ward is always courteous and respectful towards elders, caring and loving towards juniors and empathetic/ sensitive towards all.
  12. Students' involvement in physical, mental, or emotional violence or use of abusive/ foul language,  will not be acceptable at all leading to suspension or rustication.
  13. All photographs, videos, or publications of the students of JMIS produced/ clicked during school activities- curricular, extracurricular, or co-curricular shall be school's intellectual property and the school shall have all rights to use them in school's publications and promotions, etc. The parents shall have no claim whatsoever on such articles.
  14. The school will require a minimum period of 10 working days from the date of receipt of any request/ application from the parent(s) so as to process the same.

We wish your ward a meaningful, enriching and enjoyable stay with JMIS, look forward to a purposeful partnership 
with you as our school parent, the esteemed member of our JMIS-Community.

You Are Visitor Number 675200
"A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. ~ Chinese Proverb "