Our Vision, Mission & Approach



JMIS develops the children into versatile, thoughtful, productive & sensitive young people who are:

  • Confident, creative, ‘thinking’ young minds with individual opinion and have the courage to speak their mind
  • ‘different’ & who would make a difference
  • Progressive global citizens with an Indian value system

Children will be taught “Soft Skills” like independent thinking, Indian values, and teamwork along with creative skills, research skills, and the ability to find information, synthesize it & make something newer of it.

We intend to raise the importance of STEM Skills i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics- ad infinitum.


J M INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL intends to work towards bringing about a transformation in the field of school education through a multi-pronged approach. We are committed to :

  • Run a high-quality school.
  • To form a team of the best minds in the field of education including creating such persons through high-quality training.
  • work towards integrating parents and other members of the community in the educational process, and
  • Encourage and aid the adoption of relevant modern technology as a significant educational enabler.

JMIS's approach is a hands-on one. It will seek to influence more by practice, than by percept. Quality in teaching-learning programme, multidimensional learning programme, effective teacher training programmes, and demonstrated advancements in teaching methods would be JMISs desired vehicles of change.

The central aim and purpose of all education is the child. JMIS believes that every child is unique and has inborn gifts and talent. The role of the school and its teachers is to help the child discover and develop her/ his talents and strengths.

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