Redefining Education


We, staunchly believe that schools should not condition children to rote-learn the information and reproduce it undigested, as it is, in the exam i.e. School (A)
Instead, the school must create opportunities for children to experience learning, think, analyze, apply, create and discover their own spectrum i.e. School (B)

In fact, the enormous building and flashy titles do not make a difference to a child’s life, but whether the child has grown up in School A or School B, does make a difference for the life-time, in child’s Attitude, Aptitude, and Altitude.

Welcome to the School-B, JM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL 

  • We believe that each child entrusted to us will receive holistic education in its finest form.
  • For us, education is a preparation for life which is an enjoyable, interactive, and empowering experience for our children.
  • We are committed to developing young people who are aware, sensitive, open-minded, and creative.
  • We aim to produce children who raise questions, form independent opinions, develop an inquisitive mind, and are able to communicate what they think, with confidence.
  • We emphasize upon reading culture, conceptual understanding, original thinking, self-answering skills, original writing, enriched vocabulary, fluency in communication skills(particularly in the English language), creativity, sensitivity, self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership skills, grounded personality, and above all love for learning in our children, through our innovatively and thoughtfully designed curriculum – “SHIKSHANTARAM”.
  • Our school curriculum is designed on the basis of the well-researched Multiple intelligences theory developed by Howard Gardner, the different learning styles & Kolbe’s cycle of experiential learning. It integrates classroom learning with practical work, field trips, experimentation, and project work. Therefore our children see the relevance of what they are learning in real-life situations.
  • In our curricular programme ‘JMIS-MENTOR’ senior students are guided and advised by a panel of subject experts, Career counselors, work industry professionals, and corporate honchos. Children are also trained for various entrance exams and given the opportunity to participate in symposiums, presentations, discussions, workshops, conferences, and seminars.
  • We conduct several programmes like school cinema, Promise, SEVA, Theatre in Education, inspire, and many more, to inculcate ethics, values, life skills, empathy, and sensitivity in our children without which we believe their ‘learning for life’ would be incomplete.

In the modern competitive age, parents are spoilt for choice while selecting a school for their child. It is shocking to see that most of us are influenced or disillusioned by:

  • The brand or fancy title (which is more about our social gratification rather than our child’s quality learning experiences).
  • The large plot area (which has the least contribution towards growing the ‘intellect’ of children & actually it is more about the honest intend, thoughtful curriculum and its effective implementation and not about enormous spaces)
  • The five-star building complex (where children may mostly confine to the classroom, may not probably frequent the ‘designer spaces’ many times & may not do anything worthwhile there, at all)
  • The large no. of sections in each class… up to y or z… (Which may reasonably not bring any qualitative learning but only the child becoming insignificant and lost in the big crowd).
  • Large no. of children studying in each section… & eventually in school (How does that bring ample opportunities for all, individual attention, unleashing the best in all, etc?).


All of us want our child to be The criteria we use to select a school for our child
A good human being Brand name
Thinking, creative, have good language and free expression Large plot area
Getting opportunities to participate in school activities With 5-star building complex
Getting individual attention of the teacher Loads of sections in each class
Receiving love & care Each section stuffed with too many children
Cognitively strong School overcrowded with children
Adorned with Life skills, ethics & values. The name of the school should be socially gratifying for me.
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