Our Parents 'Sath-Sath'


Dear Parents,
Research shows that children do better in school when parents talk often with teachers and become involved in the school. Close communications between parents and teachers help children in many ways. As an added bonus, by participating actively in the school programmes/ school activities/ events parents also get an opportunity to relive their childhood once again with their child. Isn’t that a celebration of learning and childhood, both going hand-in-hand?

JMIS is a child-centred and parent-friendly school that strongly believes in propagating the school community culture across the length and breadth of its multi-dimensional curriculum. For us, parents are an integral part of the progress-graph of our children.

We appreciate the enthusiasm with which our parents collaborate with all our school’s curriculum – SHIKSHANTARAM, we value the thoughtful approach with which our parents' trust, understand & appreciate our innovative and out-of-box learning programme. Your support and belief in us is in fact our strength, without which is intrinsic to our aim of bringing a transformation in Education for a child.

We look forward to similar support and collaboration from all our new parents who are going to be part of the JMIS-family.

With warm regards

J M International School, Dwarka



SATH-SATH is a progressive initiative of J M International School to extend and enrich the strong school-community culture. The programme has three segments:

In SATH-SATH- CONFLUENCE, the parents of a particular class are invited to enjoy an interesting learning together session with the educators at school. The CONFLUENCE gives parents the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a slice of their child’s innovative curriculum at school. The parents and teachers of a particular class, participates together in all the learning activities, like storytelling, poem recitation, skit-enactment, block-arrangement, Shabd-rail, Jodo-Gyan Rangometry shape designs and stage performances, thereby experiencing the joy of learning, the children experience while collaborating and discovering the concepts through our innovative teaching-learning methods. Parents thoroughly enjoy reliving their childhood and look forward to many more CONFLUENCE sessions.

In SATH-SATH-  DAY OUT, the parents, teachers and children of a particular class enjoy a day-out picnic together which is a fun-filled community day with a plethora of engaging activities.

In SATH-SATH- FOOD FESTIVAL, the parents are invited to organize a food stall in the school with their special recipes amidst a sunny cultural morning in the winter months – music-dance-fun & food, a perfect recipe for a heart-warming community fest.


Communication between school and parents: Parents and community members play an important role in their children's education and a strong partnership between parents and schools enriches the learning experience. We offer both formal and informal opportunities for parents, not only to find out about their children's progress at school but also to foster a strong rapport with the school and to be a part of the community culture of JMIS.

  • Orientation Programme for each class at the beginning of the academic session.
  • Warming up Parent Educator Meet with the new Mother Teacher and Subject Teachers during the month of April-May of each academic session.
  • Introductory Interaction of parents with their child’s Mother Teacher in the case of newly admitted children.
  • SRIJAN – the Annual Project Expo of the projects done by children across the disciplines, is a special Open Day for all the school parents.
  • INQUEST – The Annual Science Exhibition is another special Open Day for all the school parents
  • Regular Open-Days - The Parent-Educator-Meetings
  • Workshops for parents
  • PRAYAS – The sports carnival of JMIS-UPVAN (Grades ANKUR & PALLAV) and Grades I & II
  • SPARDHA – The Annual Athletic Meet for Grades III to XII
  • UMANG – The Theatre Festival of JMIS-UPVAN (Grades ANKUR & PALLAV) and Grades I & II
  • Newsletters - The schools produce regular newsletters to inform parents, caregivers and the community about school activities, developments and initiatives.
  • Personal appointments - Parents are welcome to meet with any staff member at a mutually convenient time at the school to discuss relevant issues and concerns.
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