Support Spaces

An essential feature of every school, a medical room, well equipped to handle emergencies in the hands of the School Infirmary In charge is also available on campus. The school has a tie-up with a neighborhood hospital in case of need. Medical Records are maintained for each student and an Annual Medical Examination is conducted by the school for each student, with parents being sent a report for follow up action.


The school has a well-equipped cafeteria to provide healthy nutritious food and snacks, juices, and other beverages to children and staff members in a clean and hygienic environment. The menu is meticulously planned and changes daily for variety in tastes and preferences of the students of all ages.



TRANSPORT (Air-conditioned)
JMIS has an elegant & air-conditioned fleet of buses with the best safety arrangements available for neighboring areas. The School provides a safe and secure bus facility to students who wish to avail of this facility. Well, trained attendants/ escorts are accompanied in all the school buses with the students to ensure their safety, as well as a helper who monitors the boarding/ debarking of buses by students. All buses are equipped with a first aid kit to cope with medical emergencies.


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