Global Outlook


 Whenever you make learning an exciting experience it leads to joyful learning. This learning experience is enriched with judicious mix cultural, religious & linguistic areas that are deemed to be vital for enabling our students globally competent. The curriculum framed is enriching with creating activities & projects to foster international understanding with the help of video conferencing, interacting globally through mails, special assemblies on US Day, Canada Day, Russia Day, etc. We realize the potential to influence the opinion of global citizens of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to groom them into decision makers with equal empathy for people from different parts of the world & work consistently towards our school motto “Indian Values Global Outlook”.

JMIS has collaborated with the top-notch schools & colleges in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Finland, Sri Lanka and many more other countries across the globe. With our global programs and projects like Face to Faith, Tony Blair Foundation, United Kingdom and UNESCO, we at JMIS create global learning and dialogue opportunities for the students about the spirit of internationalism and global understanding in curricular approach.

JMIS offers best international curricular practices to the students with several students from the International Community from all parts of world, studying with us successfully over last 15 exemplary years of Global Culture.




Ms Anuradha Govind at ‘Ed Leadership International Roundtable Conference, with Dr Robert J Saunders, Co-Founder Council for Global Education, USA and Ms Stella Fernandez, a renowed educationist from Singapore


ISA award by British counci

We take pride in informing that J M International School in its glorious journey of 15 years has earned the most celebrated award, International School Award from British Council for three consecutive years i.e., from 2011 to 2021 for outstanding development of international dimension in the curriculum.




The Republic of Ghana has honoured JMIS for exemplary contribution towards the Learning (Library) Project for underprivileged children in Ghana, by Ms. Akweley Aryee, Ist Secretary/Administration, Ghana High Commission.

Visit to Ghana for contributing the story books and material

On 28th August 2015, class 8 students of J M International School visited the High commission of Ghana to donate story books and study material for children of Ghana.


Second Visit to Ghana for contributing the story books and material

Second Visit to High Commission of Ghana to participate in an altruistic mission to donate reading material and story books for the less privileged children of Ghana on 11 September 2017. 


Generation Global

J M International School is proud member of Generation Global. It is a pioneering global education programme for 12-to-17-year olds, providing them with the skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way. By providing global learning and dialogue opportunities, the programme helps young people to be resolute in the face of narratives that may feed the development of extremist ideologies. Devised by an international group of educational experts, advisers and religious leaders, the programme provides opportunities for students to put critical thinking skills into practice through facilitated dialogue. Students learn about one another and explore the roots of openness and diversity in their own cultural and religious traditions. It prepares the next generation for a world of relentless change and diversity by giving students the skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way. TONY BLAIR is the Executive Chairman of the Institute for Generation Global and Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Group of students and teacher went to Tagore international school East of Kailash on 9 January 2019 to meet  the Founder of Generation Global honorable Mr. Tony Blair



CUCAI (Confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Associations of India)

J M International School is also a proud member of Confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Associations of India, A unit of UNESCO, Paris (France). UNESCO is an acronym for the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation with its constitution adopted on November 16, 1945. The purpose of UNSECO is to contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among the nations through education, science and culture. The objective of CUCAI is to promote international understandings, Peace and Cooperation through Education, Science, Culture and Communication. These clubs undertake several activities like: -

  • Celebrations of International Days, Weeks, Years or Decades
  • Excursion and study tours
  • Exchange between clubs
  • Visiting & organizing heritage walks to UNESCO World Heritage and collecting information UNESCO World Heritage
  • Lectures, Debates, Symposiums, workshops, seminars, youth camps, etc.



Music Camp International is a Romanian base organisation. Its motto is Developing and Strengthening The Global Community Through the Power of Music because they believe music integrates all parts of the brain. It organised its 3RD ANNUAL VIRTUAL CHOIR from July 19 to 25. Two students from JM International School Gopal Krishna Class XI  and Ananya Shukla class XII  got the opportunity to be integrated into the program. Children from many different countries participated virtually. They rehearsed the songs for almost a week. Even during the pandemic the choir functioned well and it was really an awesome and wholesome experience for all the participants including children from our school.


Organizations value virtues such as adaptability, cultural awareness, tolerance and so-called “transversal skills”. The latter means the students are curious, confident and generally, problem solver. International learning and knowledge propel students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.

  • Awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning- a student from a particular country travels abroad, they are exposed to alternative approaches to learning, something that they are likely to carry back to their home country and share with their peers. 
  • independent thinking skills along with enhancing their understanding and acceptance of different cultures and perspectives.
  • Forming life-long bonds which helps students understand and appreciate the culture and way of life of the countries, turning them into global citizens.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Enhanced interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge.
  • Self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. This is often the most noticeable change in returned exchange students.
  •  Maturity and social poise, fuelled by the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone.
  • Integration into another family as well as the development of life-long friendships, fostering an appreciation of home and family.
  • A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions and strive to attain fresh goals.

India - Sri Lanka School leader Exchange program

Under School Network Initiative programe SRILANKA Government -Education Ministry had invited 20 School Leaders to represent INDIA to SRILANKA. Centre for Educational Development Foundation  took the delegation of twenty delegates to deliberate upon the education system of both  the countries from October 28 to 1st November. J M International school principal Dr Anuradha Govind membered the team of delegates and represented as one of the visionary educationists from India and spoke on the best practices followed in her school in her leadership.

Gateway to personal development- the experience will lead to improved self-confidence and self-esteem. It will also improve the students’ decision making and 
Educational and Cultural Exchange Programme with China 
A group of students and teachers from Experimental School China visited JM International School, Dwarka, as a part of the cultural exchange programme on Monday, 25th January, 2016. The students from both the school were delighted to spend the day with each other and know more about the cultures of India and China. In order to make their visit memorable they also exchanged gifts as a token of gratitude. 

 JM International School, hosted Australian Delegates

JM International School held a special morning assembly on January 17 2011, to welcome, Ms Marilyn Wiber, Director Curriculum Services and Geography Teacher at Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Australia. Her visit was a part of Exchange Programme with Australian school.

JM International School, hosted Japanese Delegates

Mr Kawasaki from Japan visited J M international School for the purpose of promoting a cultural heritage as well as sustainable Development programmes in education. It was a pattern of resource use that aimed to meet human needs while preserving the environment.

M International School, hosted Chinese Delegates

A team comprising of educators and scholars of Experimental School, attached to the Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, under confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Association of India (CUCAI), visited JM International School, Dwarka-6 on January 24, 2011 as a part of educational and cultural exchange programme.


Connecting through Video-Conferences

Videoconferences immerse students in an entirely new experience. It connects classrooms across the world, allowing students to explore, articulate, and develop their own views while encountering and considering the views of others. It is a safe space, with a trained facilitator to manage the flow of the discussion.

Connecting Online

The online community is an innovative tool that encourages dialogue. Students work in small groups, filled with students from around the world, sharing their views and engaging in dialogue on prearranged topics.

A glimpse on students of JMIS exchanged their ideas through video-conferences recently conducted by the school: -



Date: 21 January 2020

The Participating Schools :

Valentyna Shvydka/Dnepropetrovsk Secondary School, Ukraine

Romney School, Ukraine JM International School, India

Topic: ‘Human Trafficking’


Date: 11 December 2019

The Participating Schools :

Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura New Delhi, India

Govt Girls High School Kotri Kotri, Pakistan

Astumbo Middle School Dededo, GUAM, United States

JM International School, India


Date: 9 December 2019

The Participating Schools  :

American Digital Schools Jubaiha, Jordan

Cherkasy Gymnasium Cherkasy, Ukraine

Specialized School with Extensive English Learning #4 Horishni Plavni, Ukraine

JM International School, India


Date: 8 November 2019

The Participating Schools were

Secondary School 12 Specialized in Linguistics -- Ukraine

Blue Sea School Qasimabad Hyderabad -- Pakistan

JM International School -- India

DAV Public School Dwarka -- India


Date: 12 December 2018.
Participating School: JM International School, and keshat Jr & Sr High School (Israel).

Topic: "Culture and Festivals". Classes: VIII and IX
Date: 07 December 2018.
Participating School:West Side Collaborative Middle School (USA) & JM International School (India).

Topic : "School Activities and Culture". Classes: VIII and IX
Date: 25 October 2018.
Participating School: SMPN 12 Tangerang Selatan School Jakarta Indonesia

Topic: Essentials of Dialogue “Festival and Communities” Classes: VIII and IX
Date: 24 May 2018.
Participating School: I.C. Ukraine Schools Odessa Gymnasium 1 and Okhtyrka Gymnasium (# 873)
Topic: Essentials of Dialogue “Festival and Communities” Classes: VIII and IX
Date: 23 March 2018.
Participating School: Kharkiv Specialized School, Ukraine Topic: Essentials of Dialogue “Festival and Communities”
Topic: Essentials of Dialogue “Festival and Communities” Classes: VIII and IX
Date: 11 October 2017.
Participating School: I.C. Ukraine Schools Odessa Gymnasium 1 and Okhtyrka Gymnasium (# 873) 
Topic: Essentials of Dialogue “Festival and Communities” Classes: VIII and IX
Date: 9 May 2017.
Participating School: I.C. Statale di Casale sul Sile School Italy and Scholastica Senior School Mirpur Bangladesh
Topic: Essentials of Dialogue “Communities” Classes: VIII and IX 

Date: 19 April 2017.
Participating School: Krasnoarmeysky Educational Complex & Gymnasium School Ukraine   
Topic: Essentials of Dialogue School Activities Classes: VIII, IX and X


Date: 29 July 2016.
Participating School: Al-Sadiq Grammar School in Pakistan
Topic: Essentials of Dialogue Festivals.  Classes: VII, VIII and IX


Date: 13 May 2016.
Participating School: Robert Gordon's College Scotland 
Topic: Wealth Poverty and Charity.  Classes: VII and VIII 


Career counselling is the first essential step to make their career in any specific field or country. Thus, providing professional assistance and helping students organize their thoughts and ideas about career choices and professional goals. With our professional study aboard career counselling program, students at JMIS are able to find best suitable colleges and universities according to their profile in any specific study abroad destination. Students can further pursue higher education as international student without any difficulties in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Europe, USA, and many other countries. The school has tie-up with Gen Next Education & Internal Knowledge Centre.

List workshops, career guidance and counselling: -


A Career Counselling workshop was conducted on 16April 2019 by Ms. Fai and Mr. Samuel Reed from Wichita State University, Kansas at JM International School. The workshop was a part of the US University student outreach program organized by Simpled.

A big picture project workshop on 4th September 2019 for grades XI & XII was conducted by Ms. Amanda Chariot, Senior associate director state university of New York-Binghamton, Ms. Tisa Thompson, assistant director central Michigan university & Ms. Suchita Ohri, founders of organization “Branta “ : College and Beyond.



















On 21 October 2018 a Career Guidance workshop was conducted by CUAC. Resource person was Ms. Lindsay Benoit , International Recruitment Specialist , Saint Mary’s University , Nova Scotia , Canada.














A workshop was organized by CUAC India on “ Education, Career and Life in Canada”  on 23rd November , 2019 conducted by Mr. Daniel Zaretsky, Founder of  the CUAC. The keynote was presented by Dr. Robert summarized by-Murray, President, Saint Mary’s University;












The Australian High Commissioner, HE Ms Harinder Sidhu invited educators, counselors to welcome Mr Andrew Barr, MLA, Chief Minister of Australia Capital Territory on Monday 2 September 2019 at the Australian High Commission.














“India’s Got Colour” campaign

UNESCO hosted the launch of the “India’s Got Colour” campaign in New Delhi, followed by a panel discussion on the issue of colour bias, on 14 October 2019, The event included a panel discussion between Nandita Das, Eric Falt, Director and UNESCO Representative, and Kavitha Emmanuel, Founder and Director of Women of Worth.



















International Education and Cultural Seminar  was organized by Korea Tourism Organization on 29 Mar 2019 (Friday) at Korea Tourism Organization Pegasus One, which was  Focused upon Country South Korea. Resource person Ms Anjali Nizare oriented about the exchange programe with Korea,  Director Mr Jong Sool(Michael) Kwon felicitated  the certificates to all the participants. 

Foreign delegates from United States of America, South Africa & Norway visited JMIS on 26 November2018 to understand about its unique curriculum & teaching methods. They visited classrooms, met children , talked to senior students about Youth Empowerment & called India the land of immense possibilities.


QUEEN"S UNIVERSITY, BELFAST, U K, professors, Dr. RACHEL O' GRADY & Dr. NEIL ANDERSON conducted a workshop on 'ROBOTICS & ARCHITECTURE' for the students of grades XI-XII  a very significant global exposure in STEM SKILLS for learners at JMIS  


Three Delegates Ms Radha Varsani, Finance Manager, Tony Blair Institute, Ms Sandhya Gupta, Education Consultant, Asia ans Ms Ghanapriya, India Coordinator  from Generation Global visited JM international School on 23 October 2018 . They interacted with the students in the library. 

H.E. Mr. Michael Aaron N.N.  Oquaye  Esq (Jnr), Spouse Mrs. Maureen Oquaye, Mr. Aaron Sintim, Head Consular and Welfare and Mrs. Jaee Bhatnagar , secretary to High Commissioner visited the school on the occasion of Independence Day celebration “Swatantra 2018” .  


The 67th Republic Day was celebrated at J M International school on 23rd January 2016. Ms. Akweley Plahar-Aryee 1st Secretary of the High commission of the republic of Ghana in New Delhi was the guest of the Day. 



JMIS celebrated Republic day function on January 23, 2015. Director of International Recruitment at Algoma University Ms Joanne Elvy was invited to commemorate the day.



The orientation was conducted by the Admission Counseling Team from the United States Universities, including Ms Micaela Brown, University of New Mexico, Ms Christina Hilpipre-Frischman, Director, University of St. Thomas and Ms Caitlin Gordon, St. Martin’s university

Workshop by French Franchise

A team of delegates from France visited in JMIS. They shared their hands in cooking with JMIS students. In the workshop they shared the information about their culture, festivals and Tourist places. They conversed with JMIS students’ parents too and made the event memorable forever

Workshop By CUAC
Ms Jene a senior faculty and University representative of Canadian institutions and Ms Anjali Seth Manager(Operations CUAC) India, visited J M International School on 14/10/2015 for a detailed workshop for the career guidance. 
Mr Mel Broitman, Director, CUAC and University representatives of Canadian institutions and Ms Anjali Seth Manager(Operations CUAC) India, visited J M International School on 29/04/2015 for a detailed workshop for the guidance over 200+ Bachelor and Master Degree programs in several world-class public universities of Canada.
JMIS participated in team Blogging.
Team of four schools were
Team Tag: Sep2 School Name Country  Teacher
Teammate 1 Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica y superior, Campus Mexicali Mexico Alicia Hermosillo Villa
Teammate 2 SMA N 6 Padang Indonesia Rico Candra Negoro
Teammate 3 Jm International School India  Vijaylaxmi
Teammate 4 SMA 3 Bandung Indonesia Wiwin Herawati
The duration of activity was from 15 September 2014 to 10 October 2014.
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