ANKURS learn through INTEGRATED Projects

Integrated Learning Project 


A Preschool Colors Theme is one of the most asked about themes. So how do we teach colors! 
Our Ankurs learn the concept experientially through an integrated project in which they get to understand and experience the COLORS through  Art Activities, Block Area, Circle Time Activities, Cooking Recipes,  Dramatic Play Ideas,  Easel Ideas,  Gross Motor Games,  Literacy, Math,  Music and Movement,  Sand and Water Table,  Science Activities,  Writing Activities and other  Miscellaneous Ideas

Rainbow Collage
Materials Needed: Scraps of colored construction paper, glue, and large white paper for each child, scissors (optional)
The children cut or tear paper into smaller pieces and glue it onto the white paper.
The colors are discussed while the children work on their collages. Ask questions about the colors such as:
"I have a red piece of paper here. What else can you think of that is red (apples, hearts, etc.).
EXTENSION: A picture of the rainbow is provided to the children who may be ready to place the different colors in the order and shape of a rainbow.
EXTENSION: The rainbow arches are pre-drawn onto the white paper. One colored piece of paper is pre-glued in each arch to show the children which colors go where on a rainbow.

Colorama sponge Art
Materials needed: plain construction paper, small sponge pieces cut into different shapes and soaked in a variety of colors
The children will be shown how to use the sponges and that they should press them onto the paper and not use them like crayons or markers. 
Children can make people, animals, or simply experiment with them! Some children will notice that when they press blue over yellow they get green! This is a great open-ended activity for the children to learn about color.
EXTENSION: We may also work on shapes or letters or the children's names as well! In that case, we pre-print on the sponge-blocks, in advance, the children's names, or shapes or letters that we are working on. The children then press the sponges to cover or "trace" what we have pre-drawn! This comes out as a great activity for our Writing Center!

Preschool Colors Theme Mixer 1!
Materials needed: plain construction paper, pipettes or plastic spoons, variety of watercolors or poster colors, waxed paper
The children drop small amounts of different colors on their paper.
They place a piece of waxed paper over the paper.
They press and rub their hands over the waxed paper to see the colors move and mix!
EXTENSION: If we are working on the color blue, we provide blue and white paint to discover different shades; or blue and yellow paint to discover green, or blue and red paint to discover purple!

Finger painting
All the colors (or the colors we are focusing on) of finger paint are provided to children along with the finger paint paper and they just have a color-blast!

Preschool Colors Theme Mixer 2!
Materials needed: Finger paint, plain paper, a bin with soapy water, and towels
One of a child's hands is painted with blue and the other with yellow.
We have them make a handprint of each next to each other on the paper.
And then have them rub their hands together and discuss the color they made (green) and then make a green handprint next to the blue and yellow print.
Wash and dry hands and then repeat with other colors:
Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow + Blue = Brown
Red + White + Pink

Block Area
(Colors Theme Block Construction Activities)
The concept of colors and Environmental study concepts are integrated while children construct 3-D Images by joining or arranging the blocks e.g. constructing traffic-lights, a red house, a park with green boundary, brown gate and yellow swings, and so on

Colors Theme Circle Time Activities
Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about the preschool colors theme!

What Color Is Missing?
Materials Needed: Large cones (that you cannot see through!) and colored pom-poms.
Children are shown the pom-poms which are then placed on the floor in front of them. They call out the names of the colors of pom-poms.
Then they are asked to cover their eyes.
During that time, one or two pom poms are covered with cones.
Children are asked to uncover their eyes and guess which colors are missing!

Colors as a......
Orange as a carrot
Yellow as a lemon
Purple as a brinjal
Brown as a bear
Green as the grass
Blue as the sky
Black as a cat
Red as cherry 
Related picture cards are prepared and given to children. They take turns to show and read their cards to the rest of the group. At that time teacher also shows a similar card. 

Look Who Found a Color!
This is sung to the tune of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’.
In advance, big circles are cut out of all the colors and placed in a big box.
Children take turns to reach in and take one out.
They name the color they have and all sing as the child shows her/his circle and then places it on a flannel board:
Vishi found the red color, red color, red color
Vishi found a red color, on a shape that is round.
Arav found the green color, green color, green color
Arav found the green colour, on a shape that is round

Can you find the Color?
In advance, long strips are cut out of colored paper (2 of each color).
One set of strips is placed on a flannel board or on the floor in front of children.
The other set is placed inside a bag or box.
One at a time, a child reaches in and pulls one out. The child names the color and then all sing this song (to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb) as they find the matching color on the floor and place it next to or on top of the matching paper:
Can you find the color red, color red, color red?
Can you find the color red and match it with its friend?

Tippy Tippy Top
Teacher says ‘tippy tippy top’
A child says ‘what color you want’
Teacher names a color
That child walks around the room and points to something of that color.
All the children take turns.

Little Mouse Where Is Your House?
House shapes, one in each color are cut out.
A small mouse picture (that is smaller than the house shapes) is also cut out.
This game is introduced at circle time.
The mouse is placed under a house when all the children "hide their eyes".
Then they are asked to uncover their eyes and say:
Little Mouse, Little Mouse--Where is Your House?
Is it this red one? (Lift up the red house). No mouse here!
This is continued with each color house saying the phrase "Little Mouse..." for each one until children find the mouse in his house.

Friend Match
In advance, different colors of construction paper are cut into half. One half of one color is given to each child (making sure that each child will have another person who has the other half!).
Music is played for them to dance to while holding their colors. When the music stops, they go and stand next to their friend with the matching color.
Colors are switched and children play again.

Name Something That Is...
Teachers place in a big box or bag, many (enough for 1 for each child) colored items: feathers, pom poms or pieces of construction paper.
Each child takes a turn reaching in the bag and pulling one out. When he or she pulls one out, they name the color and then name something that is of that color (red-apple).
Each child gets a turn.

Cooking activity
(Snack Recipe to Cook Up for the color Theme)
Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Parents may also ask many questions while cooking with their children to encourage conversation! 

Rainbow Fruit Snack
Needed: clear, plastic cups, fruit of different colors—mangoes, strawberries, bananas, oranges, blueberries, kiwi, etc.
Children help in washing, preparing, arranging and serving the fruits.
One thin layer or scoop of each fruit is placed in their cup to make a rainbow fruit snack.
Pretty and yummy!

Dramatic Play 
(Preschool Family Activities) 
Dramatic play lends itself to a preschool colors theme any time of year. Parents may also do several color activities, like Ask a child to set the table with red dishes. Do we have any blue cups? The idea may be extended to clothes, toys, flowers, fruits etc.
Matching Laundry Time!
In advance, a thin rope is hanged across the wall attached to cup hooks.
Pincher type clothes pin are arranged or painted in different colors.
Matching colored clothes are also created with corrugated sheets. 
The children act mom and child to hang the "colored laundry" on the line using the corresponding colored clothes pin!
EXTENSION: Children and teachers bring socks of all possible colors and mix them up in a laundry basket which then has many pairs of socks in different colors.
The children act dad and child and sort, match and fold the socks into matching colored pairs

Colors Theme activities for the Easel
More than Just Painting, this is one of the most favorite activities in our art room!
Paint brush 
Children are provided with water or poster color pallets and brushes to use at the easel. Children take turn to paint with their special stroke with the color of her/his choice. Teacher sticks the name sticker besides each stroke. It eventually turns out to be a master stroke of the entire class.

Gross Motor Games
The games that help build their muscles while they have fun together
Musical Colored Chairs
In advance, different colored shapes (2 of each) are prepared, one set for each child.
Chairs are set up in a circle or back to back in a row, one chair for every student.
One colored shape is taped on the back of the chair and the matching colored shape is given to a child.
Music is played. They walk around the chairs. When the music stops, they need to walk (NOT RUN) and find the chair that has their colored shape on it.
Switch color shapes with children and continue playing.
Going for a Color Walk
Children go for a walk outside. On the way teacher prompts them to talk about the different colors and items they see. The other teacher writes down the child's name, item and color they see.
When back inside, we read back all the items each child saw!

Library and Literacy
One or more stories based on colors theme are picked up from the library and read to the kids by the teacher, where she reads, enacts, emotes, shows pictures and interacts with them
Here is one of the all time favorite stories to tell, just perfect for a preschool color theme.
Scat the Cat
Once upon a time there was a little black cat and his name was Scat the Cat. (Place black cat on board)
One day he looked around and noticed that there were so many beautiful colors and he wanted to be a different color, too!
So he said:
"I'm Scat the Cat. I'm sassy and fat and I can change my color just like that!" (Take off the black cat and snap your fingers.)
All of a sudden he was green (put up the green cat) like the trees and the grass. What else was green? (Ask children to name green things)
He went out to play with his friends but they couldn't see him because he was the same color as the trees and the grass.
He was so sad and decided he didn't want to be green anymore, so he said:
"I'm Scat the Cat. I'm sassy and fat and I can change my color just like that! "(Take off the green cat and snap your fingers.)
All of a sudden he was blue (put up the blue cat) like the water and the sky. What else is blue like Scat? (Ask children to name blue things)
He walked to the lake to look in the water to see his reflection, but he fell in! He couldn't swim and he called for help. But his friends couldn't see him because he was the same color as the water.
Just then, his friend Timothy Turtle found him and carried him back to the shore on his shell.
Scat was very sad and decided he didn't want to be blue anymore, so he said:
"I'm Scat the Cat. I'm sassy and fat and I can change my color just like that!" (take off the blue cat and snap your fingers.)
All of a sudden Scat was yellow (put up yellow cat) like the sun! What else is yellow like Scat? (Ask children to name yellow things)
He walked in the jungle and came across Leo the Lion. Leo roared "I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO IS YELLOW IN THIS JUNGLE!". Scat was so afraid and decided that he didn't want to be yellow any more so he said,
"I'm Scat the Cat. I'm sassy and fat and I can change my color just like that!" (take off the yellow cat and snap your fingers.)
All of a sudden Scat was red (put up red cat) like an apple. What else is red like Scat? (Ask children to name red things)
He went to play with his friends by they laughed at him. After all, whoever heard of a red cat?
Scat was very sad and decided he didn't want to be red anymore, so he said:
"I'm Scat the Cat. I'm sassy and fat and I can change my color just like that!"(take off the red cat and snap your fingers.)
I don't want to be red, I don't want to be yellow, I don't want to be blue and I don't want to be green. I want to be Scat the Black Cat again.
Scat changed back to black (put up black cat) and was happy just being himself.

MATH and Manipulatives activities
These activities help our Ankurs to develop the analytical skills and also develop the fine motor skills in their hands
Children use small colored beads or colored pasta or colored macaroni and shoelaces. Each kid makes her/his own necklace for which teachers encourage simple patterns, such as ABAB (Red blue, red blue …..), ABCABC (Red blue yellow, red blue yellow ……) and so on …Many more complexities may be added depending on the responses of children.
Thinking minds, Creative hands
Children create magic with colored Jodo Gyan manipulatives in the math lab
Colored manipulatives of different shapes, colors, and sizes are sorted and arranged by children in several different ways
After that children use their own creative ideas and use these manipulatives to create amazing things like a train, basket, animal, house, cake, burger, flower, and so on ……

In advance, big and small circles of all colors are cut out.
Then children match the colors and place small color circles on the big circles of the same color.

A different colored dot is placed in the middle of the big circle. Now children place a small color circle matching the dot on the big circle. This helps the children when they are ready for a color challenge. There might be an orange dot in a blue circle. Kids need to remember the instruction to match the dot in the middle and not the color of the large circle.

Children enjoy movin’ and groovin’ on rhymes and songs based on a color themes. Cored paper props or costumes add to the experience.
The Color Song 
(Sung to the tune of Bits of Paper song)
Red and orange, Red and orange
Green and blue, green and blue 
Shiny bright yellow, Shiny bright yellow 
Purple too, purple too
All these colors, all these colors 
That we know that we know 
Where do they all go, where do they all go
In a rainbow, in a rainbow

These are the sensory activities that help children have fun while exploring their senses.
Children create a group Rangoli on floor or cardboard sheet following a pattern and filling the colored sand of different colors at right places following the key code given by the teacher

As a home activity, children make ice cubes of different colors (one color for each child), by freezing the colored water with the help of their mom and dad. They bring it to the school the next day in a small flask.
In the school, they form groups and empty the ice cubes of 4 different colors in their tub on the water table. They are amazed to see new colors emerging when the ice cubes of two different colors interact.

Check it out! Colored Milk Rainbows!
Materials needed: milk, shallow glass dish, food coloring, clear dish detergent
Milk is poured into the dish.
4-5 drops of one color are dropped into the milk.
4-5 drops of another color are dropped near the first color.
A few drops of clear dish detergent are added in between the two colored areas and then the amazement in children is something to watch out for!
The colors swirl and mix!
Many combinations are tried: Red with yellow; blue with yellow: red with blue and so on..!

The summer project on a color theme

Color Books
As a summer project, each child will be given a different color.
Each child, with the help of mom, dad, dadu or nani will explore and cut out articles/pictures of their theme color from the used newspapers and magazines and glue it on a full-size pastel sheet of any light color. The child will also draw all possible items that the family can explore belonging to the theme color. The name of the child as well as the name of the color will be painted on the sheet with poster color and brush.
After the summer vacation, the pastel sheets from all the children will be collected and compiled into a BIG BOOK OF COLORS with an illustrated cover by the class teacher.

CLASSROOM ACTIVITY for the color theme 
One-color of cellophane is placed on the window one day. The view is observed with the children and colors of the items outside the window are talked about, the tree, the wall, the hose across the road, etc.
Cellophane of other colors is placed on other days.
At times one color is placed over the other and then the change in view is observed.
Rainbow windows is a sure hit with our Ankurs.

As all our smart classrooms are equipped with the Educomp smart digital board with a screen, overhead projector, and magnifying camera, our children make ample use of audio-visual modules and films for learning all their concepts.

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