Creating confident kids

Grade Ankur / Nursery
Early Years Learning Program for 3+ years old

Ankur (Nursery) is the beginning of your child’s joining a format learning environment. The Ankur programme enriches & equips your child with confidence, self-esteem, cooperation, turn taking, and most important decision making.

Our unique program offers a thematic and experimental approach, where themes are specially chosen keeping the age and interest of the child in mind. Learning centers are special areas of interest that allow a child to make and have a hands-on activity for learning.

Our Speech n Drama programme has been specially designed for 3+ years olds who need a variety of enjoyable activities designed to motivate literacy development.

The starter skills are developed & attention span is extended through fun-filled activities in Music, role play, language & games. The professional staff at JM International School brings out the potential & talents of each child. The parents & teachers discuss & work hand in hand to take the child to the next level of learning.

Early Years Learning Program for 4+
Pallav is a stage of a significantly high proportion of learning. It is a crucial stage in terms of a child’s growth & general well-being as we know that the learning potential is highest from birth to age six. The Pallav programme has been designed keeping these principles in mind as we, at JMIS, know exactly what excites them and how they learned best.

Our unique programme offers an experiential i.e. I do…. I learn an approach. The learning experience builds on what children already know and can do. Our well researched progressive & carefully and systematically graded curriculum ensures a joyful learning environment with zero stress level.

Our drama & literacy programme for Pallav has been specially designed to enrich their vocabulary, enhance the speaking skills, and develop awareness about self and their environment directing them towards healthy habits & a positive attitude. The starter skills built-in Nursery are further extended through enriching activities in Music, Role Play, Language & games.

We are passionate about young children – Happy Children.

Surely, you too, are. So let’s work together to fulfill our dreams, for our children.


  • Sparking the curiosity and creative urge in the child
  • Observing people, things (living, non-living) & events around
  • Investigating situations, objects, and materials by using all of their senses.
  • Writing skill development through worksheets designed to developed early learning skills.
  • Language development through poetry, story, public speaking, structured conversation.
  • Use of puppet & flashcards to introduce the phonic sounds of each alphabet.
  • Thematic learning through sand & water play.
  • Logic building through number games.
  • Prewriting & writing skill development through structured & interesting worksheets.
  • Language development through poetry & songs.
  • Rhythm appreciation through Music, Dance, Aerobics & Movement Games.
  • Sensory & Motors skill development through S/M skills in the ID room.
  • Creative Art & Craft
  • Stories, listening activities & memory games.
  • Environmental & social skill development through dramatic & problem-solving role-play.
  • Physical development through games, sports, & swings.
  • Easy cooking & table manners
  • Development of motor, psychomotor, neuromuscular, physical, social and emotional skill specially designed activities, building up grouping formative tearing concepts in children like sorting, assorting, sequencing, gradation, creative assembling, spatial sense, relative sense, sense of size, comparative sense, Montessori activities to acquire life skills, overall personality building of our children. 


  • Reinforcement of phonetic sound and prewriting skills.
  • Fluency in speaking
  • Stage confidence
  • Cooperation and interaction.
  • Literacy and numeracy foundations.
  • Social and Emotional Development.
  • Focus on Gross & self fine motor skills.
  • Aesthetic and creative awareness
  • Independence & confidence will develop.
  • Dexterity, focus, and work imitation skills will further increase.
  • Social skills will develop through interaction with peers and adults outside the home environment.
  • Greater competence in all areas
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