Creative Spaces


As the performing arts & visual arts are an integral aspect of education at school, infrastructural facilities have been designed to ensure effective & impactful delivery of the curriculum in the diverse performing and visual arts

ART & CRAFT STUDIO for different forms of art & craft – sketching, shading, drawing, coloring, painting (watercolors, poster colors, oil-paints, crayons, glass-painting, tile-painting, fabric painting, etc), textures, patterns, portraits, classic art, modern art, abstract art, folk art and applied art & a wide variety of origami, paper-craft and several 2-D and 3-D crafts

POTTERY SPACES for pottery and sculpture




MUSIC STUDIO for Indian and Western Vocal Music

ORCHESTRA STUDIO for all the forms of Indian and Western Instrumental Music- Classical, semi-classical, folk, contemporary, and fusion




DANCE STUDIO for all the Indian and western dance forms – Classical, semi-classical, Folk, Contemporary & Fusion

THEATRE ZONE for all theatrical forms – short plays, dramas, one-act-plays, street-play, mime, mono-acting, and puppetry

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