SAHYOG is our community outreach project initiative that helps our children grow up with empathy and sensitivity towards all which shapes them into the caring and concerned citizens of tomorrow. 

Students of classes V and beyond regularly visit to reach out to our counterparts of our community e.g. old age homes, orphanages, blind school etc and spend time with friends or elders who may be differently abled or under-privileged, facing circumstantial atrocities or who have struggled a lot in their life. 

It is needless to say that how immensely important it is to make children realize at a young age about the dire need of sensitization and empathy towards all sections of our community - the elderly senior citizens , understanding their age related problems and spending few moments of love and care with them , the underprivileged children facing the hardships of life in orphanages and child care homes, the differently abled struggling with various handicaps in life – blind, spastic, deaf mutes and more, the poor and the ill. Our children have been reaching out to the community to contribute in their own small yet special way towards equality, social justice with the motto – “LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL”.

Very recently the students of class V, accompanied by their teacher in charges began their journey of community service by visiting the Hope Foundation, an orphanage located in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

The home was established to take care of the orphan children. Our students spent time with them and open heartedly distributed books and sweets they very fondly took with them for their friends. They cherished the time spent there and learnt a lesson that life is not a bed of roses, and we all should express our gratitude to God for everything we have

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