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Fit India Movement is a nation-wide campaign that aims at encouraging people to include physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. JMIS,Dwarka has celebrated ‘Fit India Week’ to give a much-needed impetus to physical fitness and health.
The institute has organized the following events for students, faculty and staff members from 25th-30th November, 2019:


Yoga session was organized from 8:00 AM -8:30 AM. Yoga is the key to raise offspring with a sense of focus and well-being. It is an endeavour of creating a harmonious balance of the physiological as well as psychological growth of the child. It alleviates stress and anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, restlessness, and many more symptoms that the children suffer in the fast paced life.

2.Workshop on Nutritional diet  

JM International school,Dwarka conducted workshop for students of class III-VIII to create awareness about the nutritional benefits of consuming a holistic, well balanced diet.

3.Morning Assembly – Free hands exercise for all

Aerobics session was conducted for all the students in Mass assembly. 

4). Zumba session

Zumba session was conducted for classes IX-XII to burn calories, work out the entire body, boost the metabolism, increase endurance, boost mood, aid coordination, and improve confidence.

5). Poster making Competition for all Students on theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment

Poster making Competition was held for all students on Fit Environment. Students showcased their ideas through their posters.

6). Karate

Karate training session was conducted for students of all grades. Martial Art training was also provided to them. Students enthusiastically participated in the training session.

7). Basketball Tournament

Basketball tournament was conducted for senior boys to celebrate fitness week. 

8). Cricket Tournament

Cricket tournament was conducted for both junior and senior boys to inculcate sportsmanship spirit.

9). Rally to spread awareness about Fitness Movement

Students of Grade VI-IX has taken out mass rally to create awareness amongst people about importance of physical activities.

10). Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Student

Quiz session was conducted for students of all grades on Sports.

11). Plantation Drive

Students went on Plantation Drive and all the students adopted one plant each. Students of JMIS motivated all others to plant more and more trees to safeguard our environment. 

12). Fitness Pledge

A Fitness Pledge was taken the entire school to ensure that physical well-being will be taken care of. Everybody took a pledge to include physical activity and sports in one’s daily routine like other necessary activities and also inspire and motivate others to include in their daily life.




      Date:  First Stage - 21st November 2019                                                                                                                                                                              Second Stage – 29th November 2019  


      ARYABHATA GANIT CHALLENGE 2019 was conducted for the students of class VIII-X to promote the ability to reason logically and apply mathematics in daily life. Students need to recognize and identify opportunities to use mathematics and then provide mathematical structure to a problem presented in some contextualized form. It is important that students apply mathematical concepts, facts, procedures and reasoning to solve mathematically formulated problems to obtain mathematical conclusions.

      All students of class VIII - X participated in First Stage on 21st Nov 2019 which was pen paper test.

      Top three students from VIII to X classes were selected to participate for Second Stage .

      1. Aarnav Agarwal                     IX –A

      2. Shivam Singh Mahar           IX –A

      3. Lakshmi Nongmaithem      IX –A

      3. Aarav Kumar                          X –A

      A tie breaker test was conducted for third position . After that Lakshmi Nongmaithem from IX –A got selected for third position .

      Then Aarnav Agarwal , Shivam Singh Mahar and  Lakshmi Nongmaithem all three from  IX –A were registered with CBSE for Second Stage .

      A computer based test was conducted by the board for the top three students registered from each school on 29th November 2019.

        The existence and successful survival of ‘Democracy’ in such diverse conditions is the most celebrated fact about our country and constitution is its backbone. To reinforce the significance and importance of constitution the government of India declared 26th November as Constitution Day.

        The occasion was also celebrated in the premises of JM International School, Dwarka in all its solemnity. It was marked by the conduct of a ‘Special Assembly’ by the students of the school. The celebration started with very apt words as the thought for the day “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.’’ This worthy thought was followed by an oath on preamble taken by the students. The assembly ground echoed with the words” We the people of India……….’’A specially designed quiz was conducted to enhance the awareness of the students about their constitution. The answers were fast and prompt. Then came the culmination of the ceremony – a speech on our constitution which took us on a journey of our constitution from its history to its present day form and its vital role to bring together an idea called India.



          Bronze Medal (III prize) in 4* 400 m relay race, won by the team of Manshu Solanki, Rishabh Ahuja and Tanmay Dhillon ( Grade XI) & N. Shyam (Grade X) in the zonal athletic meet,

           organized by the Directorate Of Education, NCT of Delhi.

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